How do you start trading? Our members use DAS Trader as trading platform and as one of the best day trading simulators to start their trading career.

Why Trade in a Day Trading Simulator?

Lots of new traders join the markets every single day. But the sad truth is that most of those lose all their money before they’ve properly learned how to trade – and would be ready to make $1000 or more per day. Yet, some day trading beginners do learn to trade the market and go on to earn a more than comfortable living from it.

So what differentiates the successful traders from those that fail before they’ve even started?  A proper trading education.

For think about it: imagine you want to be a lawyer, or a surgeon – or take up any other profession that requires you to master a set of highly technical skills. Would you expect to be able to jump right into the OR and start cutting open someone’s chest?  Of course, you wouldn’t, but with trading the markets (i.e. just another highly technical skill), people do expect to be able to jump in and make lots of money.

That’s not how it works and that’s why so many beginning traders fail. Fortunately, though, learning to trade the stock market doesn’t require you take a 3-, 4-, or even 5-year degree. Instead, you can learn to trade the markets in just a few short months. But you have to train at the right gym so to speak.

And the right gym, in this case, is a paper trading account.

What Is Paper Trading?

A so-called paper trading account allows you to trade the market without risking real money.
Essentially you’re seeing and doing the exact same thing as all other traders in the market, but once you hit that buy or sell button, there’s no money being deducted from your trading account.

Your order inside your day trading simulator will be executed and you will incur a win or loss depending on how your trade goes – but all of that is a simulated procedure.

So you will essentially have the real trading experience – thinking about your risk, determining the best entry point, punching your hotkeys – but without the risk of losing money. This way, you can practice trading until you’re comfortable and profitable (many of our students trade the simulator for 3 months) – and go live once you’re in a position to protect your precious capital or, ideally, multiply it.

As such, one day of trading in a simulator can be worth weeks of looking at static charts or reading books about trading.

Will Any Day Trading Simulator Do The Job?

Frankly, no! Or rather: it depends on the market data. If you want to realistically practice participating in the markets, your day trading simulator should provide you with market data that is as close to the real thing as possible. And some providers just don’t do that. They give you access to delayed market data, don’t provide pre-market movements or speed up the time frame in which stocks move.

Therefore, we at Bear Bull Traders recommend a day trading simulator that exactly mirrors the day trading platform that you’ll later use as a live trader. The platform is provided by DAS TRADER, one of the few NASDAQ Platinum Certified Order Entry Platforms. 

With the DAS day trading simulator, the only difference is that DAS will be linked to a paper trading account instead of your real account at your brokerage.  This way, switching from practicing to trading with real money is as easy as pushing a button and changing your account inside DAS trader. And it changes nothing in terms of what you do or see inside your day trading platform.

Please note: The 14 days free trial includes Nasdaq real-time regional and totalview data, but quotes are 20-min delayed. However, paid version of DAS simulator has real-time access to all exchanges.

DAS is designed and recommended to run on Windows machines only. Mac users can operate DAS with a Windows/iOS interface. Please watch this instructional video by DAS (LINK).

What our Students Say About Our Education

We Don’t Leave You Hanging

Of course, a day trading simulator and a paper trading account don’t come free of charge – but we want to offer you something better than most trading communities out there. Just like we’ve made the lawyer and surgeon analogy above, there is a cost to learning how to trade the markets. But just like there, too, it’s not nearly as expensive as a $50,000 MBA or $200,000+ for medical school.

Instead, a 3-month simulator package for paper trading inside the DAS platform would cost you $150 per month, so $450 in total. That’s a package offered by DAS themselves and, of course, you do not have to buy the package from us. But we realized that once our students had the day trading simulator, they still didn’t know how to trade. So we wanted to change that.

That’s why – alongside the 3 months inside the DAS simulator – we offer you access to the Bear Bull Traders chat room, Andrew’s classes, his hotkey files, his platform layout and his personal support. This way, you will not only get all the tools you need to trade – but learn the strategies to be successful in the markets at the same time.

Other trading communities charge much higher prices for their chat room, course or simulator alone. This is because we don’t earn anything on the simulator at all. Instead, we pass the price of DAS’s simulator right through to you and offer the chat room, the classes and the technical accessories at a very small price – because we make our money in the markets, not from you.

For a Taste of Trading with our Community
2-week Trial
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Access to Live Chatroom 9-4 PM ET
Access to Basic Lessons
Includes 14-Day Trial
Access to Advanced Lessons
Access to Live Trading Classes
Access to Psychology Classes
Access to Andrew's DAS Hotkeys and Layout Files
Access to Swing Trading Materials
Access to Swing Trading Materials
3-months DAS Simulator($450 value)
3-months DAS Simulator($450 value)
Pro - Monthly
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Access to Live Chatroom 9-4 PM ET
Access to Basic Lessons
Access to Advanced Lessons
Access to Live Trading Classes
Access to Psychology Classes
Access to Trade Ideas Scanner Settings
Access to Andrew's DAS Hotkeys and Layout Files
Access to Forex Trading Materials
Access to Swing Trading Materials
3-months DAS Simulator (Select below)

If you need to order 3-Months of the DAS simulator, you may do so after you login to your account and clicking the ‘Order DAS Simulator’ button from your member dashboard.

Get a Sneek Peak at Our Classes
(Download PDFs)

Basic Resources

Video Description Length (min)
DAS Trader Pro Risk Controls Learn how to set up Risk Controls in DAS Trader Pro. Risk Controls enforce limitations such as maximum daily loss, maximum shares traded per day, etc. 06:19
Understanding and Setting Up DAS An introduction to the DAS platform including information on how to set up and configure various settings. 14:22
How to Create a New Scanner in Trade Ideas Learn how to create a new scan (in this example, 5 and 15 minute Opening Range Breakouts) and follow along with a step-by-step guide to changing the configurations in Trade Ideas. 18:30
Understanding NASDAQ Level 2 Signals Andrew discusses a Level 2 signal he observed during his live trading. 15:51
How to Create Multiple Montage Windows and Hotkey Buttons in DAS Level 2 Learn how to create multiple Montage Windows as well as how to create Hotkey buttons in newly added DAS Montage Level 2 windows. 12:10

Premium Resources

Video Description Length (min)
Class 1: How to Trade in Simulator and Introduction to DAS Learn what to expect from simulator trading and how to correctly set up your DAS platform. 54:40
Class 2: How to Find Stocks in Play and Support and Resistance Levels Learn how to find Stocks in Play to watch based on Gappers and pre-market activity, as well as how to find and plot support and resistance levels on your charts. 1:06:43
Class 3: Orders, Level 2, Candlesticks, Price Action, Trade Management Learn about orders, Level 2, price action, trade management and using candlesticks for day trading. 57:22
Class 4: Day Trading Strategies and Examples Learn important day trading strategies: ABCD Patterns, Opening Range Breakouts, VWAP Reversals, VWAP False Breakouts, VWAP Moving Average Trends 1:22:59
Class 5: Risk Management Learn about some essential risk management strategies and concepts. 20:11
How to Place a Stop Loss in DAS Learn how to set up a stop loss in DAS for an open position. 08:23
How to Place Both a Stop Loss and Profit Target in DAS Learn how to place a stop loss order and profit target with a stop range order. 07:30
Averaging Down vs. Adding More in a Pull Back Learn the difference between “averaging down” and “adding more on a pullback”. 17:53
Understanding Order Flow and Time and Sales Learn how to use Time and Sales and what information can be gleaned from it. 05:55
Bearish Engulfing Crack Strategy Robert H discusses the Bearish Engulfing Crack strategy and how to trade it. 12:51
Download: Andrew’s Trade Ideas Scanners and Settings Download a document with the breakdown of all of the different Trade Ideas settings and Trade Ideas scans that Andrew uses.
Download: Andrew’s DAS Trader Pro Layout and Hotkeys Download Andrew’s DAS Trader Pro Layout and Hotkeys files.
Video Description Length (min)
Pilot Episode: Patience and Perspective (Pilot) Robert H discusses the psychological and emotional aspects of day trading. Pilot Episode: Patience and Perspective. 15:30
Episode 2: Emotions and Trading Robert H discusses the psychological and emotional aspects of day trading. Episode 2: Emotions and Trading. 18:48
Episode 3: Addiction, Rehab and Relapse Robert H discusses the psychological and emotional aspects of day trading. Episode 3: Addiction, Rehab and Relapse. 36:20
Episode 4: Peak Regression Robert H discusses the psychological and emotional aspects of day trading. Episode 4: Peak Regression 13:06
Episode 5: Peak Performance Robert H discusses the psychological and emotional aspects of day trading. Episode 5: Peak Performance 27:09
Episode 6: Perseverance and Failure Robert H discusses the psychological and emotional aspects of day trading. Episode 6: Perseverance and Failure 36:41
Episode 7: Breaking Rules Robert H discusses the psychological and emotional aspects of day trading. Episode 7: Breaking Rules 24:12
One Trader’s Journey Robert H discusses his journey of overcoming the steep learning curve in trading as well as conquering his biggest trading challenge: himself. 42:41

Trade Management and Live Trade Examples

Video Description Length (min)
Live Trade: $DSW Carlos discusses his trade on $DSW. 4:47
Live Trade: Risk Management and Adding on the Pull Back In this video, Andrew discusses Risk Management and walks through a Pull Back trade in $AMD. 9:00
Live Trade: Risk Management on $SQ Andrew discusses his risk management on $SQ 4:49
Live Trade: $PYPL William discusses his trade on $PYPL and the strategies he used 7:27
Live Trade: $AMD Andrew discusses his thought process and trading on $AMD 17:43


Video Description Length (min)
Peter D: Sizing your Trade In this Podcast, Peter D discusses how to properly size your trade and how you can calculate the correct size based on your account size and risk. 27:49
Carlos M: Getting Over a Losing Streak In this Podcast, Carlos M talks about getting over a losing streak and the psychology involved with taking losses. 29:15
Carlos M: Trading a Small Account (CMEG) In this Podcast, Carlos M talks about how to trade a small account and using the CMEG broker to trade. 50:22
Robert H: Preserving Emotional Capital In this Podcast by Robert H he discusses Preserving Emotional Capital and the following subjects:
The dangers of Hulk Days
Locking in Risk Controls
Preserving emotional capital and confidence
Maintaining self-trust and self-integrity
Boom and bust cycles of day trading
Robert H: Thinking in Probabilities In this Podcast Robert H discusses the following topics:
Revenge trading
Thinking in probabilities
Trading like a casino
Trading well vs. making money
Price action moving in waves
Bagholding: the real account killers