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1,000% Return Day Trading Tesla Options

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jul 2, 2024

Dear Traders,

Happy 4th of July week! Today, in Canada, we celebrate Canada Day. On Thursday, the USA celebrates their independence. I saw a T-shirt stating that the British Empire lost a 13-0 lead. I think it hurts for sure!

Today, it was once again a crazy and volatile day in the markets. Tesla rallied over 7% and, in the chatroom, Brian and I traded it via options and common shares. Brian traded $210 calls and made over 1,000% in a matter of 10 minutes. This is the power of day trading options. If you want to learn more about trading options, make sure to check out Brian’s book on options trading.

You can watch our pre market prep and live trading on our YouTube channel or in the chatroom every trading day from 8:30 am EST.

There has never been a better time to trade. I cannot believe the volatility! I was not a trader during the dot-com bubble, but perhaps this volatility is similar to those times. I hope it does not end like the dot-com bubble! I hope it lasts as we are having a lot of fun and making a lot of profit as we trade in this market.

I highly recommend that you start learning day trading, even if you do not have enough capital yet. You can join a prop firm first, such as Peak Capital Trading, where you will receive a $50,000 trading account, or you can just trade in the simulator until you are ready. The market today is unbelievable!

NVDA is moving up and down 5% in 30 minutes. And it’s the biggest company in the world! It is simply amazing that with a $3 trillion market cap, it is moving up and down like this.

This week, we have a short trading day on Wednesday and the market is closed on Thursday. Everyone thought the market would become less volatile, but we haven’t seen that yet.

Tonight is our onboarding class and it is open to all members, including our $1 trial members. It starts at 8 pm ET. On Tuesday, we are holding an options day trading strategy webinar with our great trader Jarad, “What’s Your Option Personality?”.

Trading options can initially be a daunting endeavor, as there are many techniques and strategies to use. However, just like trading equities, we often want to align our trading style and personality with the sort of strategies that work best, as our search for trade opportunities will naturally align with what we want.

In this webinar, Jarad will discuss how to discover these corresponding setups and strategies, how to establish rules for trade management, and how options trading can fit multiple trader types.

Last but not least, we are having our biggest sale of the year. For only $999, you will receive 1 year of full access to all of our educational materials and webinars, as well as to our incredible chatroom.

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To your success,

Andrew Aziz