The Bear Bull Traders Trading Challenge

We are excited to introduce our newest program, the Bear Bull Traders Challenge! We’ve built this program for you to showcase your trading abilities. The winner of the Bear Bull Traders Challenge will win a Free Lifetime Membership ($1200 Value!) to Bear Bull Traders! We have partnered with DAS Trader to offer a two-week simulator in order to give you the most realistic experience possible.

The first week of the program will be unstructured and results will not be reflected in your end total. This will give you the opportunity to set up the DAS Trader simulator and work out any strategies you would like to perfect before beginning the challenge.

The second week of the program will be the “competition” portion of the challenge, with all simulator accounts being locked from changing equity or buying power. All trading results in the second week will be counted toward the participant’s total. To keep the trading as realistic as possible, all traders will be ranked based on total NET profits for the week, less simulated commissions. We want to keep the challenge simple, so we have limited the number of rules:

  • Each trader will start with a demo account and a simulated balance of $25,000 USD and intraday margin of 4:1.
  • Account equity will carryover and not be reset each day
  • No positions can be held overnight
  • All trades must be in US stocks, ETFs, or ETNs (no futures, currencies, options, or foreign markets, etc.)
  • Simulated commissions will apply, winner will be determined by NET profit. So do not over trade!
  • Leaderboard of top five will be posted on BBT website prior to 8:30am of the next trading day

Registration to participate in the challenge is $25 and will cover both weeks of the DAS simulation. Once registered, you will also receive an email with a code to “test drive” the Bear Bull Traders live trading chatroom and basic lessons for the two weeks of the challenge at a discounted rate of $9. This will give you access many of the resources on Bear Bull Traders, such as our live trading chatroom, basic lessons, and the forum. You might be interested in watching our class #1 and #2, available on YouTube, to learn the basics of the DAS Trader platform and how to build a watchlist and prepare for the trading day. You can also build a watchlist live each morning with Carlos and Norm on our YouTube Live Pre-Market Show at 8:30am EST each morning.

 The winner of the Bear Bull Traders Challenge will be the trader with the highest P&L for week two of the challenge, minus simulated commissions and will be awarded the top prize of a free lifetime membership to Bear Bull Traders.


Please click the button below to purchase your entry ticket for the BBT Trader’s Challenge!

  • We currently accept traders for March 15th, 2019 competition!

We will be presenting a live DAS overview and onboarding class as well as greater discussion of the challenge on Monday, March 18th at 8PM ET on YouTube Live. Please click the following link to watch it:

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BBT Trader’s Challenge Entry:

  • Price: $25 (one time payment) which includes: 2 weeks real time DAS Trader Pro simulator with Nasdaq Totalview Level 2. Access to Bear Bull Traders community, class, and chatroom is not included and not required but available to traders at a discounted price for 2 weeks!
  • Prizes:
    • First Place: 1 Lifetime Pro membership WITH 3 months DAS ($1449 value)
    • Second Place: 1 Lifetime Plus membership (no DAS) ($1299 value)
    • Third Place: 6 months of access (Monthly membership) $599 value)
    • Duration: 2 weeks; 1 week practice; 1 week compeition!

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    Please note: DAS Trader Pro is designed and recommended to run on Windows machines only. Mac users can operate DAS with a Windows/iOS interface. Please watch this instructional video by DAS (LINK). Also, if you do not receive any emails from us after signing-up, please check your SPAM folder. If the emails are still not visible, please send an email to as the emails contain very important information.