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Day trading education with our program offers an invaluable opportunity for aspiring traders to master the intricacies of this dynamic financial endeavor. Our program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the fast-paced world of day trading successfully. Our educational programs often emphasize risk management, technical analysis, and trading psychology, addressing both the technical and psychological aspects of trading.

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glass Intro Course

1+ Hrs

This course introduces you to the BBT community, our educational philosophy, our resources, and our weekly webinars, mentorship opportunities, and other events.

  • Class 1: Welcome to Bear Bull Traders
  • Class 2: Chatroom & Trading Terminal
  • Class 3: Weekly Webinar Overview
  • Class 4: Introduction to Trading Psychology
  • Class 5: Onboarding with Megan & Mike
glass Options Introduction Course

1+ Hrs

For those that wish to learn the basic fundamentals of options trading and what BBT has to offer, this course will provide a basic introduction.

  • Class 1: Welcome to Options
  • Class 2: BBT Options Education Center
  • Class 3: Mid-Range Strike Flip Strategy
rocket Essentials Course

10+ Hrs

Geared toward aspiring traders, this course provides information on how you can best begin your trading journey by showing you how to properly set up a trading platform, find stocks to trade, apply risk management rules, and execute Andrew’s trading strategies.

  • Class 1: Basic System Setup for Trading
  • Class 2: Setting up Das Trader Pro
  • Class 3: The 7 Fundamentals of Trading
  • Class 4: How to Build Day Trading Watchlist
  • Class 5: How to Find Support and Resistance Levels
  • Class 6: How to Enter an Order and Manage a Trade
  • Class 7: Andrew's Day Trading Strategies and Examples
  • Class 8: How to Apply Proper Risk Management in Trading
  • Class 9: The Final Pieces of Trading: Psychology & A TradeBook
  • Class 10: Andrew's Successful TradeBook Strategy
strategies Day Trading Strategies Course

1 Hr

This course discusses the most effective criteria you can use for stock selection, how you should go about identifying potentially winning setups, and how to successfully execute a trade using a number of proven day trading strategies.

  • Class 1: Strategy 1- The Rising Devil
  • Class 2: Strategy 2- Breakout Strategy
  • Class 3: Strategy 3- Parabolic Reversal
  • Class 4: Strategy 4- High of Day Breakout
  • Class 5: Strategy 5- Mountain Pass Strategy
  • Class 6: Strategy 6- Lightning Bolt Strategy
  • Class 7: Strategy 7- 1-Minute Opening Range Breakout
  • Class 8: Strategy 8- 9/20 Trade
  • Class 9: Strategy 9- ABCD Strategy
  • Class 10: Strategy 10- 1 to 10 Strategy
  • Class 11: Strategy 11- Higher Time Frames
  • Class 12: Strategy 12- 5-Minute Opening Range Breakout
chat Chatroom

Join us live every trading day as our experienced traders share their trades and thought processes with you. You can view our scanners and prepare for your trading day with our 8:30 AM ET pre-market analysis show.

flag Advanced Course

10 Hrs

This course is designed to assist you with developing an education plan, identifying the trading strategy that best suits you, building a TradeBook, and successfully transitioning to live trading.

  • Module 1: Apply VPA & Camarilla Pivots to Any Trading Strategy
  • Module 2: Tape Reading Strategies for Trading
  • Module 3: Learn to Catch the Perfect Reversal
  • Module 4: Be Done Trading in an Hour by Mastering the Opening Bell
  • Module 5: Dominant the ABCD Strategy
  • Module 6: Guidebook to Trend Trading
  • Module 7: Conquer the Art of Breakout Trading
  • Module 8: Properly Managing Risk as a Trader
  • Module 9: Strategies and Tools for Managing a Trade
  • Module 10: Three Month Program for New Traders
rocket Essentials Options Course

1+ Hrs

Geared toward those new to trading options, this course introduces you to the concepts and techniques required to put together a successful plan to trade options.

  • Class 1: Introduction to Options
  • Class 2: Options and Stocks: A Side-by-Side Comparison
  • Class 3: Risk Profiles with Options
  • Class 4: Option Pricing
  • Class 5: Option Greeks
strategies Options Strategies Course

6 Hrs

This course discusses the most effective criteria you can use for stock selection, how you should go about identifying potentially winning setups, and how to successfully execute a trade using a number of proven options strategies.

  • Class 1: Strategy 1- Buy Write
  • Class 2: Strategy 2- Vertical Spreads
  • Class 3: Strategy 3- Straddle and Strangles
  • Class 4: Strategy 4- Hedging with Options
  • Class 5: Strategy 5- Covered Calls & Short Strangles
  • Class 6: Strategy 6- Trading Earnings
flag Advanced Options Course

7 Hrs

This course provides you with a thorough review of the key concepts of options trading, including options pricing, implied volatility, selling and buying options, and various options trading strategies.

  • Class 1: Options Basics
  • Class 2: Income Generating Strategies
  • Class 3: Using Options as a Hedging Strategy
  • Class 4: Using Options as Directional Bets
  • Class 5: Using Options as a Range Strategy
  • Class 6: Options and Day Trading
  • Class 7: Option Psychology & Idea Generation
psychology Psychology Courses

23+ Hrs

This set of courses developed by our psychology team of Dr. Reid, Kim, Mike, Rande, Jared and Neda focus in on helping you conquer the psychological pitfalls that traders battle.

  • Mastermind Program Series: Dr. Kenneth Reid
  • The Wall Street Coach: Kim Ann Curtin
  • Psychology For Traders: Mike Baehr
  • Traders State Of Mind: Rande Howell
  • Mindfulness For Traders: Neda Changizi
  • The Mental Trading Game: Jared Tendler
replace Webinars & Mentorship

61 Hrs

These webinars provide you with continuing education of the core pillars of Bear Bull Traders’ path to trading success: technology, strategy, psychology, TradeBook development, and mentorship

  • Monday: Technology
  • Tuesday: Strategy
  • Wednesday: Psychology
  • Thursday: Mentorship
  • Trade Review: 2 Sessions Per Week
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Swing Trading by Brian

Andrew Aziz
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Identify Core Stock Market Movements, and Trends

Brian Pezim, author of the best-selling book, How to Swing Trade, reviews swing trading opportunities every day in the chatroom. Brian also answers your emailed questions (as time permits) and posts swing trading recaps to our YouTube channel. Please sign up below for our swing trading newsletter and keep up to date and informed about everything that Bear Bull Traders offers with regard to swing trading education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What education services are offered by BBT?

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BBT offers a range of day trading education services, including live onboarding sessions, 24/7 access to recorded online courses covering technical analysis, price action, day trading strategies, and trading psychology. Additionally, our weekly live webinars delve into both psychological and technical aspects of trading. These services are tailored to provide a comprehensive learning experience for traders at various skill levels.

What type of trading does BBT education focus on?

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BBT's education primarily focuses on day trading options and stocks. While some moderators engage in swing trading or trade futures, the core emphasis of the education resources is on stocks and options trading.

What markets does BBT focus on?

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BBT concentrates on the US markets, specifically stocks and options. Although the technical analysis, price action, indicators, and day trading strategies taught apply to other markets, the emphasis on the US market is due to its high volume and volatility, which are essential for day trading.

What is the onboarding session?

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The onboarding session is designed to assist new members in becoming familiar with the community and its resources. It offers guidance on how to effectively use these resources to enhance their trading skills. The session covers an overview of community chatrooms, educational resources, tools, and features available to members. This session allows new members to ask questions and receive guidance from experienced traders and moderators.

Is it possible to learn day trading while having a job?

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Yes, it is possible to learn day trading while holding a job. The learning curve can be challenging, especially if the U.S. market opens during your work hours. However, you can study and practice day trading techniques using a replay simulator, refining your skills. Over time, you can gradually transition towards becoming a full-time trader in the future. Consistency and dedication to learning are crucial on this journey.

Do you offer a trial to test the BBT education services?

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Yes, Bear Bull Traders provides the Intro Membership, a 7-day trial that includes access to the Chatroom, Day Trading & Options Courses, and the live Monday Onboarding Class. This trial allows you to experience the community and determine if it aligns with your needs. If you find value and believe the community can support your trading growth, you can then choose to join Bear Bull Traders with a monthly or annual plan.

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