How does your educational program work? Are there any additional resources outside of just the videos?

Our courses are primarily in video format although we also do host many live sessions. We do our best to have these live sessions uploaded to either our YouTube channel or our Education Center as quickly as possible. At this time, all of our education programs take place in our classroom, our Elite Members Webinar Room, or the chatroom. In the chatroom, you’ll find there is a live screen share as well as a real-time chat feature which lets our moderators interact with members and our members interact with each other. Our forums, which are an extension of our chatroom, are another excellent source of information. These forums are open to all members of our community and allow for more personalized conversations in a public setting. You are virtually guaranteed to receive some useful feedback to any question you post. If you have not already visited our forums, we encourage you to go have a look at them:

Monthly members receive access to all content except for the exclusive Elite members resources and programs.

Throughout the day in our chatroom, we provide many opportunities for trades to be discussed and for members to interact with moderators and each other. As but one example, every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00PM ET, Aiman hosts his live trade review session where he will review trades that members took in the chatroom.

Elite members are provided access to what we call our weekly Success Webinars. These live discussions, led by Andrew, our moderators, or special guests, take place every Wednesday (starting November 10th, 2020 these will take place on Tuesday) in our Lifetime Members Webinar Room. After the webinar, we post the recording to the Education Center.

As a further exclusive feature for Elite members, our psychology resource section ( will help you to begin the journey of understanding how your mind and emotions coexist with your trading. We have developed a six-module proprietary trading psychology course which covers the trading mindset, discipline, mindfulness, resilience, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, every month our in-house trading psychologist and performance coach, Dr. Jonathan F. Katz, presents a webinar focusing on matters related to the psychology of trading.

Also available exclusively to elite members is the Mastermind Pro series of training videos developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Kenneth Reid. These videos reveal the advanced mindset, techniques, and tactics you need in order to win in today’s volatile markets.

All psychology course modules and psychology webinars, as well as the Mastermind Pro training videos, are available in the psychology section of our Education Center:

If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to have a look at our Classes page:, Webinars page:, Psychology page:, and Chatroom page: Reviewing these pages will give you a solid understanding of both our approach and the various services, courses, and programs we offer our members. Once you become a member, you can log in to your account and then receive complete access to the Education Center. You will see that our educational materials are conveniently organized by topic to help you easily find what is of most interest to you.