Download DAS Layout File

How to Download and Use Andrew’s DAS Layout

To have a similar layout as Andrew

1. Please download the file below

2. Unzip the file, default.dsk.

3. Copy and paste the default.dsk into: C:\DASTrader folder, click yes to replace the file.

4.) Open DAS Pro and login. The new layout will load automatically.

Please Click Here to Download the DAS .zip file.

Questions? Email us! at

Note that everybody’s DAS configuration is constantly evolving–even Andrews–so minor differences are expected between the download files and prior videos. What’s important is that you learn the settings for yourself and modify your setup to fit your trading style.

The layout files provided are meant to be starting points for you to create and customize your own DAS desktop. Since each trading station has different monitors (resolution, orientation, etc.), it is difficult to just load Andrew’s layout and be on your way.

We encourage you to visit the forums for information on building your own layout. This post is a great start. Andrew will also discuss the different windows in Class 1.