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Market made another all-time high

By Andrew Aziz  |  
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Jul 1, 2024

Dear Traders,

Today was another historic day! The market made another all-time high with the major indexes. I had a swing position on TNA, a leveraged product of IWM, which had made a good move in the pre-market. We traded live with Brian and I had a very solid day with over $42,000 in profit. If you want to watch our trades live, please join our YouTube channel.

Peter and Mike are here for tonight’s party, and together we watched last night’s debate. One thing that Biden asked Trump about was why he bashes the USA and makes it out to be a bad country. He is kind of right, even though I do not want to get political.

The USA is indeed an amazing country in the world. It is the leader of the free world, it has a robust economy, and pretty much all of the technological advances we have seen in our lives have come from the USA. We are blessed in Canada to be a neighbor of the USA. For myself, as a trader, every single day I (and you) trade the US market, and we benefit from its volatility and liquidity. No other nation in the world is like the United States of America.

Next week is the 4th of July, the birthday of this amazing country. Happy birthday in advance to the USA, for you are truly needed in the world, and your values and peacekeeping in the world are crucial. Without the USA and its presence, the world can get ugly, really fast. What happened in Europe 80+ years ago is still fresh in the minds of many people and it still remains fresh in the pages of history.

To celebrate the United States’ birthday, we are holding our biggest sale ever for a membership in the Bear Bull Traders Elite program. Join us for 1 year of full access to our community at the very heavily discounted price of only $999!

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Again, happy birthday in advance to the United States of America and to all of my incredible friends and BBT members in the USA. I look forward to continuing to do live trading with you in the chatroom.

Don’t forget, we are giving away a FREE laptop during our live trading on YouTube! Make sure to tune in to Monday’s live trading!

To your success,

Andrew Aziz