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Begin the journey of understanding how your mind and trading co-exist

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— Psychologist and Performance Coach

Jonathan F. Katz, Ph.D.

Founding Partner at High Performance Associates

Dr. Jonathan F. Katz is a licensed psychologist and founding partner of High Performance Associates (HPA), a specialized team of performance coaches whose mission is to enhance and maximize the performance of individuals and teams. As an HPA partner, Dr. Katz has served as the performance coach for a broad spectrum of clients in the sports, trading, and the business world.

— Moderator

Mike Baehr

SgtMaj. US Marine Corps, Retired

Mike retired as a Sergeant Major, after 23 years of service in the United States Marine corps. During his time in the service, he taught, developed, and instituted curriculum on subjects like strategic leadership, mentorship, and discipline. He is currently working closely with Dr. Katz on the development of psychology modules for the community.

If there is such a thing as a secret to the nature of trading, psychology of trading is it.


Mark Douglas, Author “Trading in the Zone”

Begin The Journey Of Understanding How Your Mind and Trading Co-Exist

2020/04/01 18:00:00

Managing Yourself in Extreme Market Condition for Better Trading Performance

The past 4 weeks have seen Extreme Market conditions the likes of which the financial markets have possibly never seen. These have proved extremely challenging for many, though have opened great opportunities for others.


They say to the to the victor go the spoils. But what does it take to be the victor in these conditions? In these market conditions, ‘Managing Self’ is more vital than ever. Staying present, focused, grounded allows you to remain resilient, see the real picture, and grab opportunities, whilst minimising losses from downside setbacks. – But how do you manage yourself during turmoil, extreme uncertainty, breakdowns of normal market relations, and volatility the like so which few have ever experienced.


In this webinar we will explore these themes as a group. – The host Steven Goldstein, will start with a presentation, based on work he has done with his clients in investment banks, hedge fund and private traders in this area over the past decade. He will then hold an interactive question and answer session with the audience, whereby this theme is taken to a more collaborative discussion.


By: Steven Goldstein

Date :   Wed, April 1, 2020
Time :  6:00 PM ET
Location :  Bear Bull Traders Webinar Room

Upcoming Psychology Webinars

Mike Baehr

Live Psychology Module 1

Get to Know Yourself & What Type of Trader You Are

In this Module, enter the world of trading psychology and begin the journey of finding out about yourself and the various types of traders.

Date :   Tuesday April 07, 2020
Time :  8:00 PM EST
Location :  Bear Bull Traders Webinar Room

Tue, March 24, 2020 8:00 PM EST

Live Q & A With Dr. Katz

During this Q&A Dr,Katz will be providing answers to members questions posted in psychology forum and how to improve their psychology while trading.

By: Dr. Jonathan Katz.
Tue, April 07, 2020 8:00 PM ET

How to Improve on the Fear of taking a Trade

In this webinar, Dr. Katz will be covering the causes and emotions leading to what traders feel as the fear of taking a trade. The discussion will continue into how traders can identify these emotions prior to the fear becoming uncontrollable. The session will end with a question and answer period where traders are able to ask specific questions to Dr. Katz.

By: Dr. Jonathan Katz.

This community is life changing. When I started, I was a nurse working sometimes 16-hour shifts. I knew I wanted the freedom and flexibility of trading.


Bear Bull Traders gave me this and so much more. I now have a new career that I love. The features and content they put out is second to none.



BBT is a great community to be a part of to develop as a trader. The chatroom and the educational resources are invaluable no matter your experience.


All of the members are incredibly helpful and questions are encouraged – it’s a serious but welcoming place to learn.


Philadelphia, USA

Andrew, his book, the Bear Bull Traders (BBT) team and the BBT chat room have reinvented and redefined Day Trading.


There are many chat rooms out there, and I have seen and tried many of them, and there is nothing that comes close to BBT. Their classes and success webinars are worth their weight in gold.


New Delhi, India
Tue, April 14, 2020 8:00 PM ET

Module 1: Defining Yourself as a Trader

In this Module, enter the world of trading psychology and begin the journey of finding out about yourself and the various types of traders.

By: Mike Baehr
Tue, April 21, 2020 8:00 PM ET

Live Q&A with Dr. Katz

During this Q&A, Dr. Katz will be providing answers to members questions posted in the psychology forum and how to improve their psychology while trading.

By: Dr. Jonathan Katz.
Wed, April 22, 2020 8:00 PM ET

DANGER & OPPORTUNITY: Navigating Volatility during a Bear Market

The Chinese word for CRISIS consists of two ideograms: Danger & Opportunity.This well-known metaphor is particularly apropos for those of us who choose to actively trade this Bear Market. But the contradiction is real. And if we are not careful it can put us into a double bind… a no-win situation that leads to random acts of trading and account blowups.

I’ll show you some “tricks” to simplify your trading and at the same time make it more precise.

By: Dr Kenneth Reid
Tue, April 28, 2020 8:00 PM ET

Module 2: Psychology of Trading

Proper Psychology for Trading – In this Module, explore how the mind deals with uncertainty and learn to focus on what matters in trading.

By: Mike Baehr