Success Webinars – Trading in the First Five Minutes

One of the Bear Bull Traders lifetime membership benefits is access to our newly launched Success Webinars – a weekly class taught by our mentors, experienced members, and experts in various topics related to trading, psychology, mindfulness, and performance.

In our December 18th, 2019 Workshop entitled: “Trading the First Five Minutes”, Andrew and Aiman discussed taking those early trades, right at the open. This is a very common question we receive and often a sticking point for traders. Just today, one of our experienced lifetime members posted this on Twitter:

Jay tweeted:
“Help! how can I stop myself from trading in the first 4-5 mins? Not my edge! I try not to but then I see a good setup, take it and get f*. $OLLI last week, $MU today..I just need to stop 5 mins trading…any suggestions?”

Ever wanted to trade the open, but couldn’t do it because of the volatility? Lack of experience? Or some other reason? This workshop will reveal Andrew’s five most important rules to trading during the first five minutes. Furthermore, this workshop will go through examples of trades taken by Andrew, while explaining the reasons why he chose certain stocks to watch and why he took the trades.

We look forward to seeing all lifetime members in the webinar! These classes are free for lifetime members and recordings will be available in our Media Center for future viewing, or in case you are unable to make it to the live event.