Real Testimonials from Current and Past Community Members


"I’ve really enjoyed your webinars on both the Mountain Pass and Lightning Bolt. They sit above my monitor every day as a quick reference."

Jason V

Vancouver BC


"Great job Andrew and the rest of the BBT moderations for providing a 'home' for traders."


The Netherlands


"I definitely recommend this trading community to all the beginners and existing traders who are looking for a trading family to join."


SF, California


"Learning, growing, and trading with an incredibly diverse and accepting community has truly been one of the greatest experiences."

Megan Marlow

LA california


"My husband and I have been members for over two years now. We appreciate all of the resources available to us, and especially the support during difficult times."


California, USA


"I came across Andrew’s books while researching, and having found BBT, I have never looked back. There is a wealth of information, experience & a brilliant work ethic at BBT."




"Staying connected to other day traders and emphasis on continuing education from professionals who stay calm and focus on strategy – EXACTLY what I was searching for."


Ohio, USA


"They couldn’t make it easier for someone just starting out – from the great educational resources available to members."


New York, USA


"Stop looking for other Chatrooms and communities…THIS IS IT. Everyone is extremely professional, polite, and serious about trading."