Real Testimonials from Current and Past Community Members


This team is the best group I've ever joined! They are very professional and leave no questions unanswered in the chatroom. I highly recommend this team to join for those traders who are beginners!

Very friendly team!



BBT is a great community, I read Andrew's book and I signed up with BBT. I have been trading for 2 years now and they have given me so much. Training is good, everyone is very helpful, I met my trading buddy via the BBT community. They are always there, and very humble and always improving the tools and education for us. Even though I am on the other side of the world, it does not feel that way.

Maaike de Jong

Netherlands, Amsterdam


I appreciate that your program is genuinely geared towards education and support for traders. I looked through so many different programs that all have get-rich-quick mentalities and it is obvious that they live off of selling memberships and not off trading. If people knew exactly how much education you offer and how user-friendly it was they wouldn’t believe how affordable it is.

Patrick Vermaas


BBT has a wealth of knowledge and information, extremely organized and complete educational platform. Thank you Andrew for creating this family.

Gonzalo Vorbeck

Quito, Ecuador


Thank you BearBull Traders for creating a home for all traders in the community! It's a safe place for me to come especially when I feel lost in the market.


Silicon Valley, Bay Area


The main thing that puts BBT above all the other forums I have seen in is the moderators. BBT is a Game changer.

Jason Pritchard aka Gazoo

Montreal, Quebec


The diversity of moderators’ trading styles is invaluable!! So, it is the massive amount of education material they produce, such an amazing education engine! Kudos!

Carlo Nespoli


I want to sincerely thank you for what you have built. I now have an exit plan to retire early and trade. Something I love, and something God willing, that allows me the freedom to work for myself and provide for my family and support others.



3 years of learning. Thank you! I started with Bear Bull Traders in 2019 and today, I have a great side business, day trading along with you and your team!