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Your Life with Bear Bull Traders

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jul 3, 2024

Dear Traders,

We had yet another amazing trading day with Tesla and NVDA, and the markets hit another all-time high! What a great gift from the markets to all Americans for the 4th of July!

A few days ago, one of our traders, Dan, who flew from LA with his wife to attend my party, sent an email to me and Peter about how BBT has changed his life in many ways.

Read his email here:

Hey guys,

I wanted to reach out to say it was great meeting you all the other night! Hopefully, Saturday recovery wasn’t too rough. Andrew, congratulations again on the amazing accomplishment of the 7 Summits! Truly inspirational to watch and follow along from the warmth of Los Angeles, lol. Also, thanks for throwing such an epic party!

I’ve been a member of BBT for nearly two years, and my life has changed infinitely for the better; I attribute that to you gentlemen. Trading has forced me to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally, and I’ve wanted to shake your hands and thank you for that for quite some time. The hard work you guys put into BBT no doubt resonates and impacts the lives of so many around the world. Thanks again for everything you guys do, and I’m excited to see how BBT and TT continue to flourish in the years to come.

See you guys in the chat and hopefully at more insane parties (and summits)!

All the best,

Dan Rush

As you can read, Dan said BBT has changed his life for the better, and this is exactly what I want the future of BBT to be. A community of serious traders who push themselves toward excellence and change their lives for the better. It’s never too late to change your life. Change your body, change your health, change your mindset, change your financial status. Most importantly, join a group of serious, committed, high achievers who help you, push you, and hold you accountable for excellence.

I’ve changed my life many times. Just over five years ago, I was unhealthy, drinking too much, and not in great shape. Now, I’m an entrepreneur running three companies, climbing the biggest mountains in the world, and leading one of the best trading communities. As a leader, my job is to inspire people toward excellence, not just in trading or investing, but in every aspect of life.

If you want to change your life, it’s never too late. Join us, and I promise all our community members will help you toward excellence.

For next year’s conference in Vancouver, I want to organize a TEDx talk with the theme of Peak Performance and Mental Resilience. I will bring the best speakers and researchers from all around the world to present for our community. I don’t want the Bear Bull Traders to be just a trading community. I want it to be a community of high achievers, focusing on how to maintain peak performance. We’ll cover sleep, diet, exercise, mindset, and mental resilience—how to bounce back from losses in life.

I went through a very bad divorce, but I recovered. I experienced a significant trading loss in 2022, and I recovered. Everyone faces setbacks, but they need to recover. We are here to help and support you.

BBT is all about pushing each other toward excellence and making each other stronger. Of course, the theme of our community is trading and investing, but we are a community of thousands of high achievers who just want to get better and better.

Happy 4th of July to everyone, all my American friends. God bless the most powerful country and leader of the free world!
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To your success,

Andrew Aziz