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5 Facets of Success in Trading and Trader Mindfitness Webinar

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Day Trading Success  |  
Jun 9, 2020

To be a successful and competitive athlete, you need to master what Nike calls the 5 facets of training: Movement, Mindfulness, Recovery, Nutrition and Sleep. I really believe that to be successful in any career or endeavor, you need these same 5 facets, albeit with a little bit of tweaking specific to the situation. There is nothing in the world more comparable to trading than highly competitive professional athleticism. Borrowing on the concept introduced by Nike, I believe success in trading comes from mastering these 5 facets: Technical Knowledge, Mindset (Mindfulness), Journaling (Recovery), Nutrition and Sleep.

At Bear Bull Traders, we try to touch upon and guide the community in all of these areas, as they all contribute to your success. If you do not believe, for example, in the role of nutrition or proper sleep when it comes to your trading, try to trade when highly caffeinated, when under the influence of a substance, or when lacking sleep, and you’ll see the results for yourself. (I strongly recommend trading in a simulator for this test!) There is considerable evidence and scientific research studies documenting the effects of food, sleep and stimulants on a person’s cognitive ability and fast decision-making.

Accordingly, our Success webinars have always been focused on these aspects of trading. If you have checked out our Psychology and Education Center, you will see that we have also developed our modules based on these concepts. We are constantly adding more examples and tools to improve your trading, in addition to videos, training and modules on technical knowledge and a multitude of other topics, all of which are developed with the aim of leading you to success.

This week, I would like to invite all lifetime members of our community to a special guest seminar by a very distinguished guest: Mark Randall. Mark is one of the world’s leaders in the delivery of Performance-Based Mindfulness. He works primarily with corporations, including board-level leaders and people in senior management roles, as well as with traders and investors. Mark’s perspectives with regard to mindfulness have evolved from nearly 40 years working as a broker in the International Futures and Options markets for some of the world’s leading investment firms, where he developed his own mindfulness skills and practice to enable him to self-manage and thrive in this challenging and highly pressurized world. Here are the details:

Trader Mindfitness by Mark Randall
Wednesday, June 10, 6 pm ET
Webinar room

Please note that since Mark is joining us from the UK, this webinar is at 6 pm ET, instead of our regular 8pm ET. I personally am very excited to attend this webinar. Mark will provide us with guidance, and share “cautions” and tools, all of which I am certain will assist you to maintain a superlative degree of awareness and attention in order that you may trade at an optimal performance level in this volatile and challenging market environment. As always, the recordings will be available for future viewing.

To your success,