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Rocket Intro Course

This course introduces you to the BBT community, our educational philosophy, our resources, and our weekly webinars, mentorship opportunities, and other events.

clock 1+ Hrs

Class 1: Welcome to BearBull Traders

Class 2: Chatroom & Trading Terminal

Class 3: Weekly Webinar Overview

Class 4: Introduction to Trading Psychology

Class 5: Onboarding with Carlos & Mike

Rocket Essentials Course

Geared toward aspiring traders, this course provides information on how you can best begin your trading journey by showing you how to properly set up a trading platform, find stocks to trade, apply risk management rules, and execute Andrew’s trading strategies.

clock 10+ Hrs

Class 1: Basic System Setup for Trading

Class 2: Setting up Das Trader Pro

Class 3: The 7 Fundamentals of Trading

Class 4: How to Build Day Trading Watchlist

Class 5: How to Find Support and Resistance Levels

Class 6: How to Enter an Order and Manage a Trade

Class 7: Andrew's Day Trading Strategies and Examples

Class 8: How to Apply Proper Risk Management in Trading

Class 9: The Final Pieces of Trading: Psychology & A Tradebook

Class 10: Andrew's Successful Tradebook Strategy

clip board Day Trading Strategies Course

This course discusses the most effective criteria you can use for stock selection, how you should go about identifying potentially winning setups, and how to successfully execute a trade using a number of proven day trading strategies.

clock 1 Hr

Strategy 1: The Rising Devil

Strategy 2: Breakout Strategy

Strategy 3: Parabolic Reversal

Strategy 4: High of Day Breakout

Strategy 5: Mountain Pass Strategy

Strategy 6: Lightning Bolt Strategy

Strategy 7: 1-Minute Opening Range Breakout

Strategy 8: 9/20 Trade

Strategy 9: ABCD Strategy

Strategy 10: 1 to 10 Strategy

Strategy 11: Higher Time Frames

Strategy 12: 5-Minute Opening Range Breakout

chat Chatrooms

BBT Main Chatroom

Join us live every trading day as our experienced traders share their trades and thought processes with you. You can view our scanners, receive breaking news from our exclusive Benzinga feed, and prepare for your trading day with our 8:30 AM ET pre-market analysis show.

Options Chatroom

Join our options chatroom, a space for both new and experienced traders to discuss and share intraday and swing trade ideas. Every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday participate in market analysis & strategy development to enhance your trading skills.

Flag Advanced Course

This course is designed to assist you with developing an education plan, identifying the trading strategy that best suits you, building a TradeBook, and successfully transitioning to live trading.

clock 10 Hrs

Module 1: Apply VPA & Camarilla Pivots to Any Trading Strategy

Module 2: Tape Reading Strategies for Trading

Module 3: Learn to Catch the Perfect Reversal

Module 4: Be Done trading in an Hour by Mastering the Opening Bell

Module 5: Dominant the ABCD Strategy

Module 6: Guidebook to Trend Trading

Module 7: Conquer the Art of Breakout Trading

Module 8: Properly Managing Risk as a Trader

Module 9: Strategies and Tools for Managing a Trade

Module 10: Three Month Program for New Traders

Psychology Psychology Courses

This set of courses developed by our psychology team of Dr. Reid, réde, Mike, and Neda focus in on helping you conquer the psychological pitfalls that traders battle.

clock 23+ Hrs

The Mental Edge by Créde Sheehy-Kelly

Mastermind Program Series by Dr. Kenneth Reid

Psychology For Traders by Michael Baehr

Mindfulness for Traders by Neda Changizi

mentorship Webinars & Mentorship

This course provides you with continuing education on the core pillars of Bear Bull Traders’ path to trading success: technology, strategy, psychology, TradeBook development, and mentorship

clock 61 Hrs

Monday Technology

Tuesday Strategy

Wednesday Psychology

Thursday Mentorship

Trade Review 2 Sessions Per Week

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  • Advanced Course
  • Weekly Webinars and Mentorship
  • 1:1 Psychology Coaching

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  • 1:1 Psychology Coaching

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  • Access to a Live Onboarding Session
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  • 1:1 Psychology Coaching

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One of the best and most honest communities I’ve ever seen. Quality moderators and a lot of videos to learn from!


Losses are part of trading without any doubt, but the community has thought me to trade smart and focus on the process of trading, and money will follow.


Tennessee, USA

If you want to be truly exposed to the full breadth of day trading, then this community will certainly do that for you.


The information is real, the critiques of trades are honest, and if you are not a good fit for day trading, the team members are more likely to talk you out of joining rather than money.


Washington, USA

When I started reading Andrew’s book, I didn’t wait, and I paid to see the educational material and behavior of members in the BBT chat.


After a few days, I didn’t hesitate, and I paid my permanent membership to have access to all of the material. My life changed. It was love at first sight.


Lima, Perú