Best Recommended Tools and Platforms for Your Trading Career

Simulator & Trading Platforms

Trading Terminal Simulator

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Trading Terminal Simulator offers a risk-free environment for practicing financial trading. With a virtual platform, users can execute orders, analyze market trends, and refine strategies in real-time. Ideal for both beginners and experienced traders, it provides a safe space to hone skills before entering live markets.

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DAS Trader Pro

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Your online trading platform is the computer software program that you use to place orders at the exchanges. The majority of our traders use DAS Trader Pro as their platform. We consider it one of the best available platforms. We provide support in helping you get set up with the DAS Trader Pro platform.

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Interactive Brokers Award winning platform & services.

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Excellent Low-Cost Broker for Traders in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Many Other Countries. Delivers Powerful SmartRoutingSM of Your Orders.

Mondeum Low price and powerful order fills designed for retail traders.

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Mondeum Capital specializes in providing active traders access to the US equities markets at an extremely low price and powerful order fills.

Capital Markets Elite Group (CMEG) Broker for traders with less than $25,000.

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Traders with less than $25,000 may use CMEG as an excellent broker with 6:1 margin for day trading.

Capital Markets Elite Group (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited does not accept accounts for any “U.S. Persons” that it believes have been “solicited” by Capital Markets Elite Group (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited within the meaning of Rule 15a-6 of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Not intended for U.S. Persons.

Software Tools


A free platform for every type of trader to research and analyze stocks, ETFs, futures and crypto.

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Trade Ideas software helps traders find the best setups in the market right now.

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Helping traders find an edge in the market with specialized order flow visualizations.

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TraderVue is powerful journaling & trade analyzer that allows the trader to import their trades.

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Trading Tools

Travel Monitor

Travel Monitor

Perfect for the trader on the go, this 15.6″ USB-C Portable Laptop Monitor slides easily into your bag, allowing you to carry it everywhere. It’s ideal for a simple on-the-go dual-monitor setup.


Monitor – Dell E2420H

Dell SE2422HX Monitor - 24 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 Ratio with Comfortview (TUV-Certified), 75Hz Refresh Rate, 16.7 Million Colors, Anti-Glare Screen with 3H Hardness - Black.

Docking station

Docking Station

This docking station is the perfect companion to the XPS 15. It will power your laptop to run multiple monitors.

Laptop stand

Laptop Stand

With this aluminum laptop stand, you’ll raise your laptop on your desk to the same level as your monitors.


Mechanical Keyboard

Wired keyboards don’t require a battery and won’t suffer any Bluetooth interruptions.


The Logitech G203

A wired mouse is also recommended. The Logitech G203 is high performance for the price.

Mounting arm

Mounting Arm

A good mounting arm will get your monitors off your desk and up to eye level.

Stream deck

Stream Deck

The Stream Deck is a fully customizable keypad that will allow you to create individual buttons.

Ergonomic Chair

Chair – Ergonomic

An ergonomic chair is an excellent way to support your body's natural form during extended periods of sitting, especially during market hours.

Standing Desk

Desk – Standing Desk

Bear Bull Traders highly recommends this standing desk. We truly believe trading while standing can help keep you alert, focused, and awake.

Standing mat

Standing Mat

The Stream Deck is a fully customizable keypad that will allow you to create individual buttons.

Community Setups

For some great examples of trading setups, check out our YouTube series, “Come Into My Trading Room”, where our members share their day trading setups. Or check out our Forum here, where members have posted pictures and details of their setups!

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology tools are needed for successful day trading?

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Successful day trading requires essential technology tools, including a real-time trading simulator, a reliable trading platform, a reputable broker, a stock scanner, and effective journaling tools. These tools collectively contribute to informed decision-making and efficient trade execution.

What trading platform do you recommend?

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We recommend DAS Trader Pro as our preferred trading platform. This direct access software offers a variety of features and advantages, including real-time market data, customizable charts, hotkey functionality for rapid order execution, Level II quotes for in-depth market insights, and a user-friendly interface designed for active traders. These features contribute to a seamless and efficient trading experience.

Is it a must to use DAS in order to join BBT?

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No, it is not mandatory to use DAS Trader to join BBT. BBT members are free to choose the trading platform they prefer. However, it's important to note that our education focuses on DAS Trader, and we provide limited support for other platforms. We have a close collaboration with DAS to enhance the software based on our needs as active traders. Additionally, the BBT community has developed features like the Fixed Risk hotkey for DAS, enabling traders to execute trades with a fixed dollar or percentage risk on each trade.

Do I need a funded brokerage account to join and learn from BBT?

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No, it is not necessary to have a funded brokerage account to join and learn from BBT. In fact, during the learning phase, it is advisable not to risk your hard-earned capital. Our education model guides you through simulated trading initially, allowing you to learn and practice without the financial risk.

What computer setup do you recommend for learning to trade, and how many monitors?

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For the computer, it's important to check the hardware requirements of the trading platform you plan to use. For example, DAS Trader Pro's requirements don't demand a high-end computer. Many traders find gaming computers, while powerful, to be over-specified for trading. As for monitors, it depends on a trader's skills and experience. Once you're certain about day trading, we highly recommend having four monitors. This setup allows you to monitor price action on multiple charts, keep an eye on scanners, and stay connected with our chatroom.

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