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Order Additional DAS Simulator time

If you need to add an additional 3-months of DAS simulator time, please use the ‘add to cart’ button above to purchase the additional time. After your purchase completes, you will receive an email from us, please follow the instructions to provide your desired activation date.

DAS Trader Simulator is designed for Windows OS

DAS Trader is designed for Windows OS. Mac and other operating system users should use a different interface for running DAS on their machines. Please click here to find more information →

DAS Trader Simulator refunds

Please note that the DAS Simulator is non-refundable after you activate your simulator time. Once activated, we cannot cancel, suspend, postpone, refund, etc. as we pay for it upfront to DAS Inc.

DAS Trader Simulator is a Simulator only

Please note the DAS Trader Simulator CAN NOT be linked to any broker.

DAS Trader Simulator comes with real time market data

With this subscription of DAS Trader Simulator you will receive access to Nasdaq TotalView (which includes INET book orders and Level 2 quotes for the Nasdaq, NYSE and NYSE American Exchanges) as well as access to Options Level 1. The Market Data Replay feature is also included in your 3-month subscription. Please note that this subscription can not be customized, no market data can be added or removed, it is offered as is.

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