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2020/04/01 18:00:00

Steven Goldstein

Managing Yourself in Extreme Market Condition for Better Trading Performance

The past 4 weeks have seen Extreme Market conditions the likes of which the financial markets have possibly never seen. These have proved extremely challenging for many, though have opened great opportunities for others.


They say to the to the victor go the spoils. But what does it take to be the victor in these conditions? In these market conditions, ‘Managing Self’ is more vital than ever. Staying present, focused, grounded allows you to remain resilient, see the real picture, and grab opportunities, whilst minimising losses from downside setbacks. – But how do you manage yourself during turmoil, extreme uncertainty, breakdowns of normal market relations, and volatility the like so which few have ever experienced.


In this webinar we will explore these themes as a group. – The host Steven Goldstein, will start with a presentation, based on work he has done with his clients in investment banks, hedge fund and private traders in this area over the past decade. He will then hold an interactive question and answer session with the audience, whereby this theme is taken to a more collaborative discussion.

By: Steven Goldstein at Alpha Cubed

Date :   Wed, April 1, 2020
Time :  6:00 PM ET
Location :  Lifetime Members Webinar Room

Upcoming Success Webinars

Wed, April 8, 2020 8:00 PM ET

Charge Up Your Trading Using The Lightning Bolt Pattern

The Volume Weighted Average Price line (VWAP) can be used consistently to enter winning trades. This Success Webinar will explain the VWAP and key VWAP patterns you can use to improve your profits every trading day.

By: Peter Donnelly
Wed, April 15, 20208:00 PM ET

How To Trade Short Term With The Alphatrend Anchored VWAP

You may be familiar with the Volume Weighted Average Price, but do you know how to “anchor” it and where to anchor the VWAP to gain greater insight into how short term trends develop? Brian Shannon, CMT will explain how the AVWAP can help you with better timing decisions, how and where to anchor it and which platforms support this insightful tool!

By: Brian Shannon / AlphaTrade
Wed, April 22, 20208:00 PM ET

DANGER & OPPORTUNITY: Navigating Volatility during a Bear Market

The Chinese word for CRISIS consists of two ideograms: Danger & Opportunity.This well-known metaphor is particularly apropos for those of us who choose to actively trade this Bear Market. But the contradiction is real. And if we are not careful it can put us into a double bind… a no-win situation that leads to random acts of trading and account blowups.

I’ll show you some “tricks” to simplify your trading and at the same time make it more precise.

By: Dr Kenneth Reid
Wed, April 29, 20208:00 PM ET

How to Use Moving Averages for Short Term Trading

In this webianr, Andrew will go over his use of moving averages, and how he uses them for entry, exit, stop loss and finding trends as well as well improtant supproit and resistance levels.

By: Andrew Aziz

Wish I had found Andrew’s book and the community earlier, but since then the knowledge gained and support of BBT has been amazing!


Wilton, USA

My husband and I have been members for over two years now. We appreciate all of the resources available to us, and especially the support during difficult times.


California, USA

After reading both of Andrew’s books, I checked out and signed up for a monthly membership, as well as 3 months of DAS Trader Demo.


New York, USA

Previous Success Webinars (Recordings Available to All Lifetime Members)

Trading Afterhours Earnings

Date :  Wednesday, March 25, 2020     Time :   8:00 PM EST
Earnings are in important part of trading and also provide some opportunities to make trades after they are released. Taking advantage of these moves Afterhours requires a plan and certain criteria to be present before putting on an earnings play. Ed shares his Afterhours earning trading process and how to scan for these opportunities.
By: Ed Martin at AverageJoe Trader

Understanding Level 2

Date :  Wed, March 18, 2020     Time :   4:15 PM EST
An in depth review of L2 from the stock traders perspective. As one of, if not the only non-lagging indicator on your chart, the L2 can be the last piece of the puzzle to decide when to take that trade or when to get out. For the proficient chart reader, you may wonder why stocks fail even when the chart is strong. The L2 can be the mind’s eye into the market to help you see that coming.
By: Thor Young

Probability, Position Sizing & Risk for Trading

Date :  Wed, March 11, 2020    Time :   4:15 PM EST
An insight look into probability-based trading, position sizing and risk-adjusted return expectations with Tom Sosnoff of Tasytrade and Tastyworks. These are 3 areas that are crucial for any trader, Tom is well known in the trading world and will share his insights how to manage your trades.
By: Tom Sosnoff at tastytrade

Advanced Hotkeys

Date :  Wed, March 04, 2020     Time :   4:15 PM EST
DAS Dynamic Hotkey allows you to place trades by fixed dollar amount or percentage you want to risk on each trade. The system does all the calculation for you instantly, so you can focus on the trade not the math. Learn the ins and outs of how to work these advanced order scripts with Kyle.
By: Kyle

How Professional Traders Plan, Execute and Playbook Their Trades

Date :  Wed, Feb 12, 2020     Time :   8:00 PM EST
By: Mike Bellafiore, SMB Capital Propriety Firm

Mental Preparation & Mental Routine

Date :  Wed, Feb 05, 2020     Time :   8:00 PM EST
Developing a pre-trading day mental routine Both high level athletes and traders have been very committed to a pre-game/pre-trading day routine regarding physical warm up/ preparation (athletes) and market preparation (traders), but they have both been lacking a consistent mental preparation/routine for games (athletes) and active trading (traders).
By: Dr. Jonathan Katz.

Options Webinar – An Introduction to Day Trading Options in Stock Market

Date :  Wed, Jan 29, 2020     Time :   8:00 PM EST
Day Trading Options
By: Andrew & Nas

Chartlog Presentation

Date :  Wed, Jan 22, 2020     Time :   8:00 PM EST
Igor and Adrian, two BBT members, will be sharing techniques on how to get the most out of your journaling experience to help maximize emotional discipline and consistent profitability. They will be showcasing Chartlog, a modern and automated approach to journaling, as a vehicle that can help traders achieve these techniques.
By: Adrian & Igor

How to Trade different styles of ABCD pattern

Date :  Wed, Jan 15, 2020     Time :   8:00 PM EST
In this workshop Aiman is going to reveal his rules trading various ABCD pattern setups which occur during anytime of the day whether it’s the first five minutes or somewhere later on the afternoon when the market is looking choppy or out of volume. Furthermore, this workshop will go through examples of trades taken by Aiman explaining the reasons behind him taking those exact entries on a certain types of stocks
By: Aiman

“Does Setting Goals Benefit or Harm Day Trading Performance?”

Date :  Thu, Jan 2, 2020     Time :   8:00 PM EST
Is it always helpful to define goals? How religiously should you attempt to adhere to your goals? Carlos will discuss these issues with us and describe their impact on his own trading journey.
By: Carlos

How to Trade The Right Share Size for You

Date :  Wed, Dec 11, 2019     Time :   8:00 PM EST
This workshop will provide you the tools to determine how many shares to trade to create consistent results. We will review different methods of share sizing and provide guidance on how to apply it to your trading immediately. Ever lost more than you planned to? Ever been scared once you entered a trade?? We know you have as every trader, as some point of their journey, has struggled with managing their share size.
This workshop will provide you the tools to determine how many shares to trade to create consistent results. We will review different methods of share sizing and provide guidance on how to apply it to your trading immediately.
By: Peter