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Download Trade Ideas Scanner

Trade Ideas is the foundation of what we’re doing in our chatroom each day when we’re building a list of stocks to watch for the day. And the best thing is: we’ve negotiated a discount with Trade Ideas, so you can get their scan software for 15% off. Just click the button below and use “VANCOUVER15” at the checkout.

If you already have a Trade Ideas subscription, or you are doing the trial of Trade Ideas, we encourage you to download Andrew’s Trade Ideas settings file which will allow you to see the same stocks that he does every day. Please follow the instructions bel,ow to download the settings file.

Follow the instructions below to load Andrew’s Trade Ideas settings into your Trade Ideas software subscription:

1.) Click File, then select ‘Load from Cloud’.

2.) Insert the following URL into the window that opens:

You will then see the following windows load in Trade Ideas: