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$550,000 Unrealized Profit! Should I sell?

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Advanced Lessons  |  
Feb 12, 2024

Dear Traders,

Today, history was made! The S&P 500 closed over $500 per share! This is one of the most interesting times, and market volatility has been providing so many opportunities.

This week, I missed two trading days, and every trading day was a great opportunity missed. At Peak Capital, we have several members who have already passed the $10,000 max profit mark, just 3 weeks into the formal competition! I cannot wait to hand out a few $10,000 cheques to attendees in Vancouver.

The Vancouver meetup now has 200 attendees, with only 20 spots left. The maximum room capacity, based on the fire code, is 240, and since we have 20 of our moderator team and 4 guests, we have only around 15 spots left for the amazing 8th birthday of Bear Bull Traders. Join us for 2 days full of learning, live training, dinner, and celebration of our amazing community.

The theme this year is Mastering Trading Psychology. We have 4 distinguished guests from all over the world, the UK, Ireland, NYC, and Connecticut, joining us in various sessions on trading psychology and strategy.

Avi is joining us from Dubai, and our new senior trader Lenny from Colombia, where he lives and trades full-time. If Aiman’s visa arrives on time, we will have him from Russia too! Overall, it is one of the best and biggest events we have, and Vancouver is my town. You are welcome to my home, my penthouse, and our office!

Join the last 20 spots of the Vancouver meetup now!

Trading-wise, I am sitting at over $550,000 in unrealized profit on my account and so tempted to sell, but the market keeps making all-time highs. Some say it’s the Trump effect, as he is leading the polls. But the Presidents do not have that much economic power anyway. They get too much credit when the economy is good, and too much blame when the economy is not in great shape.

Another reason might be after watching Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, many got surprised that Putin is so open to peace and even said he signed the majority of a peace deal with Ukraine recently in Turkey, only a few parts were not agreed upon.

All in all, the market seemed to be pretty happy and with GDP growth at around 4% per year in the US economy it doesn’t seem we have a reason to sell off.

Watch my recap, and tell me what I should do with my $550,000 in unrealized profit. Should I sell?

This week we had several important webinars, and I encourage all Elite members to go over them if you missed the webinars.

Tuesday, we had an amazing webinar by member Phil on how to trade options for small accounts.

Wednesday, psychology, we had a great webinar well attended by our very own Dr. Reid on Trader Temptations & How to Stay on Track on trading psychology.

Make sure to check out the webinars if you missed them over the weekend.

Last but not least, Lenny, our senior trader at Peak Capital Trading, is now having a new course with over 10 hours of materials on his successful Opening Range Breakout strategy. If you’d like to learn from Lenny and work with him directly, make sure to check his course in Trading Terminal Academy or email him directly at [email protected].

Visit Lenny’s Course
To your success,