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600% Return on SMCI 

By Andrew Aziz  |  
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Feb 20, 2024

Hello Traders,

Just today, Prof. Andrea Barbon at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, my friend Carlo Zarrattini and I, published a new breakthrough paper on the validity of the Opening Range Breakout (ORB) strategy, and tested that for over 7,000 stocks. Our results are fascinating and show that ORB is meaningfully significant on “Stocks in Play” or stocks that have relatively high volume due to fundamental catalysts and news can astonishingly beat the market. The strategy is very simple and easy to implement, and to the best of our knowledge, this is the first public paper with such intraday granularity and comprehensive stock-level database.

Read our paper and let me know what you think.

Read The Paper
I will be presenting the paper along with a Masterclass course at MoneyShow Vegas next week, and I’d love to see as many of our traders at the event. If you are attending, make sure to grab your FREE pass from MoneyShow here and RSVP for our meetup in Vegas. Brian might join too!

Today, SMCI continued its amazing move. I can’t believe I missed this crazy move this week until today. Today we killed it in the chatroom with a great long opening range breakout from $1000 to over $1080 and then a short below VWAP for almost $200. I couldn’t believe it!

Chatroom members took both, mostly short, but I missed the short trade, even when I called it. I couldn’t believe I missed this short trade on SMCI. Light, one of our target traders, had a 600% return on it from options contracts.

Watch my recap to see what happened!

Monday, 19 Feb 2024, is a holiday, and the market is closed in observance of Washington’s Birthday, President’s Day. If I could go back in time and meet a historical figure, I would choose George Washington. He is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in world history. George Washington played a pivotal role in shaping the vision of free speech and the separation of powers. The American people have remembered him as one of the greatest presidents in the nation’s history.

To me the most notable legacy of Washington is his decision to step away from power that had a powerful impact on the future of the presidency. All his successors, until Franklin D. Roosevelt, willingly followed his example of retiring after two terms, and the 22nd Amendment made sure that no future president can serve more than two terms.

More importantly, Washington recognized the structural importance of leaving office willingly. He knew that Americans needed to learn how to elect, transition, and inaugurate a new president. That process was fraught with potential missteps, and George Washington concluded that it would go more smoothly if it was planned, rather than haphazardly done after an unexpected death.

He understood how much of the political process is based on norm and custom, and that those had to start with his example.

He was a true leader who led by example.

Happy President’s Day, America!

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To your success,