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A Complete Day Trading System Webinar and Bullish Signals for China and Mexico

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 17, 2023

Dear Traders,

Happy MLK Day (one day late)! I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Today, Jarad and I traded TSLA and NVDA, and I also traded options on Amazon and NVDA. I had a very nice day, and I hope you will get a chance to review my trades in our recap on YouTube.

Today, we are holding a very important webinar by Thor on the subject of Volume Price Analysis. It is essentially a review of his book, A Complete Day Trading System. If you want a close look at Thor’s book and an opportunity to learn from the Master of Pivots himself, do ensure you attend his webinar live at 8 pm ET. If you have not already, I strongly recommend you also purchase a copy of his book.

There are some great trading opportunities emerging in the markets. One is China, as trade between the US and China is on track to break records, a signal of resilient links between the world’s top economies amid the heated national security rhetoric in Washington and fears of decoupling. China’s reopening is prompting bullish forecasts from strategists and money managers the world over. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs see Chinese equities gaining about 10% this year, while Citi Global Wealth Investments sees a greater upside of about 20%.

Another country to keep an eye on is Mexico and the MEXBOL index. The recent visit of top leaders from Canada and the US showed the importance of Mexico in supporting North American consumption. With recent post-pandemic changes in the supply chain, and the movement among countries to try to bring their supply chain onshore and closer to home, Mexico, a huge land that is abundant in human capital, water, and agriculture, will play a very strong role and offer great trading opportunities in the next few years. Bulls on China and Mexico!

I’m looking forward to seeing our traders in tonight’s webinar.

To your success,

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