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A Dream Came True / Important Webinar

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Bear Bull Traders  |  
Aug 10, 2020

First and foremost, I do apologize for missing trading on Monday.

I heard Thor and Brian led the momentum trading discussion, and that they did an amazing job! As some of you saw on my Twitter and Instagram, I was climbing in the Tantalus Range, about 37 miles (60 km) north of Vancouver, near the District of Squamish, on the road to Whistler.

When I was working on my PhD at the University of British Columbia, my office in the Chemical Engineering Department was on the 6th floor and my desk overlooked a glaciated mountain range. I soon learned that it was called the Tantalus Range, and that the highest and hardest peak to climb was Mount Tantalus itself. Its name, and the names of the surrounding mountains, are interestingly all taken from Greek mythology. They include Mount Dione, Alpha Mountain, Omega Mountain, Mount Niobe, Ossa Mountain, Pelion Mountain, Mount Pelops and Serratus Mountain.

During the 5 years I was studying and working toward my PhD, I dreamed of climbing Mount Tantalus. I was not a good alpine climber in those days, but after many years of training and pushing myself, this very weekend I successfully achieved that dream and climbed Mount Tantalus. It is truly amazing. Its huge crevasses and steep snow slopes are just like the Himalayas, but only 45 minutes from my hometown! Please see the photo below of me on the summit!

I accomplished my dream of climbing Mount Tantalus with a combination of motivation and hard work. I know trading is a dream for many people, including members of our community. I sincerely want you to achieve your dreams, in both trading and the other aspects of life. That is why we, the leadership team, do whatever is possible to help you achieve your dreams. Of course, no one can guarantee success, there’s no “secret sauce” for learning how to trade, but we honestly do all that we can to assist you.

Speaking of a dream that came true, this week’s seminar is by our own John Hiltz. John retired from the US military with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and is now a full-time trader and mentor in our community. John recently shared something special with me about his pre-retirement dream of becoming a trader. Back in 2015, while still serving in the military, John even created a folder in his PC about “The Dream”. He joined our community and is now living his dream. John shared his story with me in the following email that he sent a few days ago. Please have a read:


I just wanted to send out a message of thanks at my one month mark with Bear Bull Traders. I sincerely appreciate you taking a chance on me. I am loving helping other BBT traders and truly living my dream.

In fact, if you look at my Google drive (see attachment), I made a folder related to anything trading related called “The Dream”. I have had the folder since 2015.

The safe route for a retired Army guy like me was to go to work for a defense contractor like Raytheon. Nothing against that type of work, but I wanted to follow my passion. And that passion for me was day trading.

The BBT team is such a great collection of great people and I love being a part of it. And I am excited to help make BBT and Peak Capital Trading the best that they can be.

Congrats on your latest expedition. See you Monday!

Best Regards,

John’s presentation this Wednesday is a very important one. His Webinar is entitled:

Trading A Single Strategy
When: Wednesday, August 5th, 2020
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Webinar Room (lifetime members only)

As I have always said, all of the strategies that we teach at Bear Bull Traders are essentially a manifestation of one, and only one, thing: a battle between buyers and sellers. Whenever buyers are in power, you go long; whenever sellers are taking control, you sell or sell short. No matter what we or other traders call them, any strategy worth trading should clearly demonstrate a pattern that represents that battle.

I have also always affirmed that it is important for traders to personalize their own strategy. We call it finding your own “edge”. John learned the fundamentals of trading with us, but he does not trade like me or anyone else in our community. He found his edge with one single and specific strategy: Break of High of Day (BHOD) for going long and Break of Low of Day (BLOD) if you flip the chart for selling short.

Every trader must have an edge, and you have to give it a name. For me, my edge is 1-minute and 5-minute ORBs (Opening Range Breakouts), and Double Bottom and Double Top reversals. I generally trade only these strategies, and I am happy with the results I am getting. That is my edge. What is your edge?

See you in the Webinar.

To your success,

PS: You will have noticed that John referenced Peak Capital Trading in his email to me. This is a proprietary trading firm that some colleagues and I are in the process of establishing. It’s an exciting development. Please stay tuned for more details!