A New Addition to the BBT Family and the Power of the Benzinga Squawk in Our Chatroom

Hello traders,

Andrew is away so Norm is writing this email to you!

I hope everyone has had a good week so far! We welcomed Carlos back to the Pre-Market Show on Tuesday after some well-deserved rest and time with his newborn son and wife. Despite the predictable lack of sleep, he returned to action as if he wasn’t away for a single minute. A HUGE thank you to Peter for working with me on the show while Carlos was away.

Andrew has been trading from the road this week, while training in Iceland for a trail running race. He’s traded the open as usual for a few of the days, but due to the time difference he has missed a couple of mornings. On Wednesday and Thursday he actually came in the room to trade Mid-day and in true Andrew fashion adapted to a different style and killed it on Mid-day $AMD and $BTI trades Wednesday and a $ROKU trade on Thursday.

As you know, we have recently added an extremely valuable resource to the Bear Bull Traders community – the Benzinga Squawk Live Audio feature. Since this addition to the room two weeks ago, Andrew and the team have been bombarded with emails from members letting us know about great trades they took based on the Benzinga Squawk. In those two weeks, I’ve personally taken about 10 trades off of it that I can think of. This is an email a member sent to us Thursday about taking a winning trade from Benzinga Squawk:

“Hi Andrew

Just wanted to drop a line an update on the squawk. Today they pointed out that $KVIA had approval on an FDA trial. The stock is illiquid and not a typical BBT play. But statistically I do well with these setups midday so I followed my plan and bought immediately after the first upside halt at 5.72. I eventually sold out at 9.40.

I know this isn’t a trade that the average BBT trader is going to take and I in no way am endorsing these plays for all members. .But I think it shows how the squawk provides something for everyone in the community at some point throughout the day.

I spent nearly 15 years on an institutional bond desk and all I can say is that the squawk service is parallel to the tools we used to trade with the world’s biggest money managers.

Thank you for providing it to the traders at BBT. It’s just one of the many tools that makes this community so unique and professional.

– chris
aka OpenSpaceCap”

We are ecstatic that the time, effort, and capital it took for us to have this developed as part of the chatroom is paying off! Please keep sending us your feedback and examples of trades you are finding from this feature.
I’m confident I can speak for everybody when I say that each and every mod in Bear Bull Traders does this out of a passion for trading, working with other traders, and helping traders that are at a part of their journey that we remember well. It really is a labor of love. My mission is to help build this into the best mid and large cap trading community in the world. I hope you enjoy being a part of the community as much as I do.

To your success,