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A Profitable Day Trading Strategy

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Feb 22, 2024

Hello Traders,

Last week, we published a groundbreaking paper with my friend Carlo Zarratini and Prof. Andrea Barbon at the Swiss Finance Institute. The link to my previous email was not correct and was redirected to an old paper. Here is the correct link to the new paper.

Read The Paper Here
Please let me or Carlo know what you think, probably best on X, about its result.

The result is fascinating. Essentially, we are showing mathematically that day trading stocks in play, with higher relative volume, are empirically producing significantly more meaningful results and can beat a passive investing portfolio.

I will be presenting the results this week at the MoneyShow conference in Vegas in two sessions on Thursday and Friday.

Mike Baehr is also joining me at the conference, and I hope I can see many of you there. If not, Vegas is always fun to hang out and catch up with friends.

We have a small meetup on Thursday, so if anyone is interested in grabbing a drink or food together, please email me, and we’ll arrange a location together.

Today, one of our best traders in the community, who trades options, delivered an important presentation on risk management. Avi lives in Dubai, therefore he presented at 11 AM ET instead of our usual 8 PM ET. Mastering risk management in day trading is the most important part of day trading, especially in options.

If you missed the webinar, the recording of his presentation, “Balancing Act: The Role of Risk Management in Day Trading”, will be available in the Education Center soon for all Elite Members.

Have you noticed that Avi has an airplane in his room?
Last but not least, today is the last day to get the biggest discount to our community at an amazing price of only $999 for one year of complete membership in the community, access to webinars, courses, and chat room for one year! You can sign up or extend your annual membership here.

See you in Vegas!