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Take your trading to the next level.

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Module 1: Starting a Trading Business

Module 2: Developing a TradeBook

Module 3: BBT Trading Strategies

Module 4: Risk & Trade Management

Module 5: Understanding Level 2 & VPA

Module 6: Camarilla Pivots

Module 8: Introduction to Trading Psychology

Class 2: Chatroom & Trade Ideas Overview (Basic & Elite Members)

Class 3: Weekly Webinar Overview (Elite Members)

Class 4: Introduction to Trading Psychology (Elite Members)

Class 5: Mentorship with BBT (Elite Members)

Option Accompanied Sheet

Fundamentals of Trading

Options and Day Trading Part 1 – Ardi

Implied Volatitlity Demystified – Ardi

Class 1 – Options Basics

Opening Range Breakout

Class 1: Introduction to Day Trading

Technology Video Documents

Risk Management and Profit Taking – Ardi

Module 6: Camarilla Pivots

Class 2 – Income Generating Strategies

Class 2: Required Tools and Technology for Trading

Strategy Video Documents

How to Utilize TWS For Options Trading – Ardi

Class 3 – Using Options as a hedging Strategy

Module 1: Starting a Trading Business

Class 3: Setting up Your Trading Platform

How to Trade Earnings Using Different Option Strategies – Ardi

Psychology Video Documents

Class 4 – Using Options as a Directional Bets

How to Write Covered Calls and Covered Short Strangles – Ardi & Jarad

Module 2: Developing a TradeBook

Developing a Mindfulness Routine

Class 4: Day Trading Strategies and Stock Selection

TradeBook Video Documents

Moving Averages & Trend Trading

Class 5 – Using Options as a Range Strategy

Module 4: Risk & Trade Management

Class 5: The 7 Fundamentals of Successful Trading

Hedging Strategies for Major Market Conditions – Ardi

Class 7 – Option Psychology and Idea Generation

Module 5: Understanding Level 2 & VPA

Class 6: Psychology of Trading

How to Trade Straddles and Strangles in Times of Volatility – Ardi

Class 7: TradeBook Building a Successful Strategy

Vertical Spread Trading Strategy – Ardi

Buy-Write Strategy – Ardi

Class 8: Example of a Successful TradeBook Strategy

Building an Option Empire – Jarad

Understanding Options – Nas