— Aiman A

I’ve joined this chatroom exactly 1 year ago; by then I had little knowledge of trading as I never traded before. All my knowledge was from books I read and videos I watched.
Usually before joining any chatroom, buying any product, downloading any program, I tend to read tons of reviews to make sure this is really what I want to do, but for the first time, it wasn’t like that on BBT. Andrew’s book “How to day trade for a living”, and his transparency on YouTube were enough for me to give it a try for one month. After joining the platform I had a lot of questions in my mind, and no matter how many questions I asked I was getting answers for literally every question! Whether it’s from moderators, members, or Andrew himself.

After one month of being in BBT I noticed that I learned much more than I learned in 5 months of reading books; with no hesitation I switched to lifetime membership!
In BBT, the moderators are so kind, there’s always someone to jump on the mic and answer the question, share their trades, talk about their winning and most importantly their LOSING trades! The transparency is amazing! We learn from mistakes and losing trades more than we do from the winners!

Now after 1 year, I consider myself a decent trader who’s capable of teaching and answering most of the questions regarding day trading! From a lost new student with so little knowledge, I can consider myself a teacher! I won’t say I’m perfect, I’m still learning, and there’s a lot to learn, but I can feel how much I changed and how I look to the market and patterns now!
Thanks for BearBullTraders. This chatroom from my point of view is everything ones needs to become successful.