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Almost at the Summit

By Brian Pez  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jun 5, 2024

Dear Traders,

This is Brian Pezim writing on behalf of Andrew.

After a bad weather day, last week Andrew’s team successfully navigated the fixed line on the Headwall.

The Headwall is a steep section of the climb, and fixed lines are ropes anchored into the ice or rock to assist climbers in ascending safely.

This slope is a tough and technical part of the climb on the West Buttress Route. It’s the steepest section the team has faced so far, with an angle over 50 degrees. Climbers need to learn a new skill to get up this part: using fixed lines, which are ropes anchored to the slope to help them climb safely.

After navigating this challenging section, the team establishes a cache on the 16,000-foot ridge above Camp 3. A cache is a storage site where climbers leave supplies, such as food, fuel, and equipment, to lighten their load and to retrieve later as they progress on their climb.

The team enjoyed a great rest day at Camp 3. Even though temps may seem cold compared to your normal day at home, a sunny day at Camp 3 can feel luxurious as you nap in your tent and make a dent in your snack bag.

They were able to maximize their day with a quick walk over to a scenic viewpoint known as the “Edge of the World”. So called because you arrive at the edge of the plateau that Camp 3 rests on and it drops dramatically several thousand feet down to the Kahiltna Glacier below.

I look forward to seeing some photos of Andrew with the fascinating “Edge of the World” background.

After a sunny and gorgeous day at Camp 3, the team moved up to High Camp.

However, due to weather conditions over the weekend, they had a rest day at 14,200’ and waited for a good weather window to move up to High Camp. I don’t think anybody would complain about a rest day with this view!

And finally the team made it to the High Camp, yesterday!

From the High Camp is only one more push to the summit. They may have already summited but we don’t have any news yet. Let’s keep Andrew in our thoughts as he pushes to hold Bear Bull Traders flag at the highest point in North America soon.

On the market side, the Dow closed higher Tuesday as job openings fell to a three-year low, suggesting weaker economic growth and raising hopes for a Federal Reserve rate cut this year.

INTC unveiled new AI chips, following similar announcements from NVDA and AMD, as it tries to close the gap with its rivals.

TSLA reported a 6.6% drop in sales of China-made electric vehicles in May compared to last year. The stock attempted to trade higher but ended the day as an inverted hammer, indicating selling pressure.

GME fell 5% amid news that Massachusetts regulators are investigating the trading activities of investor Keith Gill, also known as DeepFuckingValue and Roaring Kitty.

Lastly, Andrew has scheduled a few LinkedIn posts before his attempt to set a world record. Please follow him and leave him some comments.

Happy Trading,

Brian Pezim