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AMC to the Moon and NYC/Portland Meetups

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jun 14, 2021

This week has started off on a positive note with some amazing trading on AMC.  Let’s hope these results continue all week long.

I am happy to report to you that I will be hitting the road again soon and we have two very nice meetups in the works. Thor will be spending his 40th birthday in NYC on July 3rd, and we will be hosting a “super big” meetup to help celebrate our friend’s birthday. Mike, Carlos, Ryan, and hopefully a few other members of our leadership team will all be attending. We already have over 50 RSVPs. Can we have a meetup of 100 (or more) BBT traders? Please RSVP here. Everyone is welcome, including friends and non-members. In addition, Mike will be visiting family in Oregon this month and is organizing a meetup in Portland during that time. I will do my best to attend that one too. You can RSVP here. I am planning to be climbing in Colorado for one week before heading to the Big Apple for Thor’s birthday party. I will then fly down to Peru to climb one of the best mountain ranges in the world, Cordillera Blanca, which is part of the Andes. I’m excited about all of these events!

  1. NYC and Thor’s birthday celebration, July 3rd.
  2. Oregon Meetup on June 24th.

This week at BBT we are hosting several important webinars:

Our Monday Orientation and Onboarding session, led by Mike, Carlos, and Kyle, starts at 8pm ET. Although geared for new traders, everyone is always welcome to attend.

For our Tuesday Strategy and TradeBook, Peter will be discussing his famous “Mountain Pass” reversal TradeBook. You may recall that Peter offered a presentation on his Mountain Pass Strategy in the past, but since quite a few members asked for an encore, he has decided to update his webinar and present it again with new ‘live’ examples. Peter will review the strategy in detail, showing you how it sets up and how you can execute a profitable trade on it. “Make Perfect Mountain Pass Trades” begins at 8pm ET in the webinar room.

Wednesday Psychology this week is with our mindfulness coach, Neda Changizi. In this webinar, Neda will talk about our hidden beliefs and fears regarding money (hint: imagine the submerged part of an iceberg). By bringing more mindfulness to our life, we can start to establish a healthy and uncharged relationship with money, practice equanimity in our interactions with money, and even throw in some Sympathetic Joy for other people’s financial success! “Can We Have a Wise and Healthy Relationship with Money?” begins at 8pm ET in the webinar room.

And, as ever, our group mentorship sessions are being offered again this Thursday. I will lead the morning session (11am ET) and Thor will lead the evening session (8pm ET).

To your success,

PS: if you are interested in attending these webinars, please feel free to enjoy our Elite annual membership at a 40% discounted rate. You can use discount code FIREWORKS40, or simply click here.