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AMC to the MOON? Or not? As well, Congratulations to Carlos!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Aug 26, 2021

Dear Traders,

First and foremost, please join me in congratulating our amazing Carlos on the birth of his daughter, Amanda, on August 24 (yesterday). She is 11 pounds, 20 inches, and gorgeous! Welcome to the BBT Family, Amanda! If you wish, you can send a note to Carlos at [email protected]. I am sure he will appreciate it. Carlos will be away for a few weeks, and our incredible team of Thor and Norm will be covering our pre-market show, along with the help of Jarad and Peter.

What a crazy move on AMC today and yesterday. As you know, AMC and GME were notorious Stocks in Play thanks to our friends at WallStreetBets, but it has been some time since we had seen such volatility in them. Tuesday, in the afternoon, AMC made a huge short squeeze from $38 to over $48. I sadly missed trading yesterday, but today, Brian, Jarad, and myself had some exceptional trades on AMC. You can watch our recap here. It is very nice to see such spectacular moves again in the market, especially since it is “more or less” the last week of August!

For Tuesday Strategy, Jarad presented an excellent talk on the previous day close being the king of all levels. The webinar is now posted in our Education Center for those who missed it or wish to review it again.

For Psychology Wednesday, today, Dr. Katz will be offering another one of his well-received town halls at 8pm ET. I won’t miss it, and I hope I will see many of you there too. Our webinars are for Elite members, so if you currently hold a basic membership, please feel free to upgrade anytime and when you do, take advantage of our 40% summer discount. After the discount, your cost will be essentially the same as if you had purchased a basic membership for 1 year. Welcome to the BBT Family!

As ever, please feel free to reach out to me.

To your success,