— Anne A

I started trading live in Dec. 2018 after studying an online course that taught me how to trade low float low cap stocks. Yikes! I lost big and developed some bad habits. I learnt after joining BBT 1.5 months ago, that these are the most volatile and manipulated stocks you can trade. Since I started with BBT, I began developing a strategy based on real technical levels which helps me manage my trades instead of just gamble and hope a trade will work out. We have trade reviews every Tues & Thurs with William, where we review trades people made in the community. This is invaluable!

Every morning Carlos has the pre-market show. He will help you find the daily levels of stocks in play. Before BBT I had no idea what a level was and why it was so important. There are also videos in the education center which will help you in various ways improve your trading habits and strategies. The members in the chat room are VERY supportive. There are both seasoned and new traders. I’ve learnt a lot from the BBT community. I cannot say enough good things about this community. I am just grateful I found them before I blew up my account. I now have a real chance at being profitable and keeping this as my profession.

I highly recommend this group for anybody who is serious about trading. You will learn everyday and watching Andrew reaffirms to me this is possible and I can do it. He embodies the true meaning of what it is to be a good trader. He truly has the mindset of a successful trader. He enters and exits a trade based on strategy not emotion. Sticks with his strategy everyday and does not alter. He is truly masterful. He is not ego driven which is a plus. He has a very authentic personality which resonates with me and how I like to engage in a community. This is evident with all of the moderators as well. They are all authentic and genuinely helpful people.