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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Mentorship - Women in Trading - Tiffany

After being a full-time stay at home mom to 3 since 2008, Tiffany picked up Andrew’s book, How to Day Trade for a Living, in 2017, and after reading it sensed she was ready for a career as a trader. She knew nothing about the markets before delving into the newly found opportunity. She became a member of Bear Bull Traders immediately.
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Women in Trading

The Rise of Female Traders

It’s time to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020. Financial markets have invariably been male dominated but now gladly times are changing in forex trading society; KVB PRIME want to share the facts with you about the rise of female traders.

Women trade less often than men, with better results

Does less frequent trading give better or worse results? Investment experts suggest the former. “Women have always had a lower trading rate...

Private Exclusive Slack Room

The Women of BBT have access to a private slack channel to be in touch with each other and support their careers.

Featured Interviews

An Interview with Dimah



Georgia USA

“BBT has made my journey of becoming a profitable, consistent trader achievable and enjoyable.


Ohio, USA

“Staying connected to other day traders and emphasis on continuing education from professionals who stay calm and focus on strategy – EXACTLY what I was searching for.


California, USA

“My husband and I have been members for over two years now. We appreciate all of the resources available to us, and especially the support during difficult times.

Megan Marlow

LA california

“Learning, growing, and trading with an incredibly diverse and accepting community has truly been one of the greatest experiences.

Karen S

SF, California

I definitely recommend this trading community to all the beginners and existing traders who are looking for a trading family to join.

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