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Bear Bull Traders in Berlin and Prague + Big Short Squeeze

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Apr 1, 2024

Dear Traders,

I am back at the office after 2 weeks in Europe. The highlight of my trip was skiing across the Haute Route, an amazing meetup in Berlin, and a great meetup in Prague. I was surprised to find so many traders in Prague! And what a beautiful city Prague is.

Another highlight was our attempt to get into the most famous club in the world, Berghain in Berlin. At the meetup in Berlin, we got all the info needed on how to get into the club, and 4 of us headed there before midnight. We spent 2 hours in line, only to be rejected by the bouncers! The picture below shows us before when we got in line and after the rejection, after 2 hours in line.

I was really angry that they did not let me in, but the hotel concierge and many friends told me not to take it personally, that’s just how it is. You wait in line, and the bouncers just make a random decision about who gets in. It’s not about race, appearance, whether you’re with a friend, or how much money you have. Just a random selection. I found it very weird, but it was part of the experience!

Next time I’m in Berlin, I’ll give it another try! The Berghain club is famous, especially after the John Wick 4 movie, where part of the Berlin scene was shot there for inspiration.

Trading was great. I traded NVDA for a nice breakout during Peak Capital Trading bootcamp live trading sessions. Part of the Peak Capital Trading bootcamp includes live trading sessions with our experienced traders in a more comprehensive manner. All mentees have access to screen share and microphone, and it was a great discussion on reading price action and identifying short squeezes above VWAP. You can watch my recap here.

If you’re considering joining us in the next bootcamp, starting May 7, 2024, we are now accepting registrations. The bootcamp comes with 1 year full access to BBT Elite membership as well, and current members who join us will have the offer extended to their current memberships. It also comes with a $50,000 funded training account with 100% profit going to traders. This bootcamp, we have many profitable traders.

Bootcamp members are also invited to a reception next week in Vancouver. We have our biggest event of the year in Vancouver on April 6-8, and I am looking forward to hosting all team members and over 250 of our traders and family members.

Traders4ACause also has its regional meetup on Monday, April 8, after our event at the Paradox Hotel. Shay (Humbled Trader) is also joining the T4AC, and all our team members are attending.

Use code BBTAttendee to secure your ticket for just $50 instead of $70.

All registration fees will be donated to a local charity.
Lastly, tomorrow is Good Friday and the market is closed, even though we have important economic data on inflation coming out and Fed Chair JPow is scheduled to have a speech. I can’t believe such an important day and the markets are closed!

Happy long Easter weekend everyone, and I look forward to trading with you live on Monday and meeting everyone at the Vancouver meetup!

To your success,