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Building a System for Trading Psychology

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Dec 15, 2023

Dear Traders,

Yesterday, the US Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, left rates steady, and Chairman Jerome Powell held a press conference. The Fed has shifted its stance from considering more interest rate hikes to discussing when rate cuts might begin. Powell stated that rates have likely reached their peak and a smooth economic landing is expected.

This marks the first time since the Fed began raising rates that Chair Powell is aligning with the market’s expectations.

However, core inflation remains at 4%. Is the Fed prematurely declaring victory?

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 is heading towards its 10th positive day out of the last 11. This positive streak depends on inflation data continuing to move in the right direction.

Let’s hope the Fed isn’t celebrating prematurely.

At 2 pm, right after the release of the Fed’s interest-rate decision, I went long on TNA. Small-cap stocks were oversold compared to QQQ and SPY, and it turned out to be a successful trade, all executed on my phone.

On another note, mortgage rates have dropped by 0.80% over the last 6 weeks. According to Bloomberg, the average 30-year mortgage rate is now at 7.27%, down from its peak at 8.09% on October 30th when the 10-year note yield reached 5%.

With the 10-year note yield now below 4%, we may soon see mortgage rates dip below 7%, which is good news for housing affordability.

Today, I didn’t trade as I am under the weather, but last night we had an incredible trading psychology session with Jared Tendler, our newest addition to the community. The topic was “Building a System for Trading Psychology.”

You may already know that at Peak Capital Trading and Bear Bull Traders, we teach how to build a TradeBook and trading system. What Jared brings to the table is precisely what we’ve been missing – building a system for trading psychology. Last night’s webinar was significant, with over 120 traders joining live. The recording is now available in the Education Center for Elite members, and I hope you can watch it if you missed it.

Tonight, we have a mentorship session with Thor at 8 pm ET for all Elite members. He will guide you through his trading style and answer any questions you may have.

I hope to be in the chatroom tomorrow for live trading!

Lastly, I had a humorous exchange with Grok AI, where I asked it to roast me based on my tweets. Here’s what we discussed:

@Bear Bull Traders:

“Roast @BearBullTraders based on their posts, and be vulgar!”


Oh, look, it’s @BearBullTraders, the self-proclaimed trading guru who lost a whopping $2 million in 2022! Way to go, Mr. “I thought I was invincible.” I guess you didn’t see that bear market coming, huh?

And let’s not forget your “one piece of advice” for new traders. How about this: “Don’t be like me and lose a fortune because you’re too arrogant to admit you might be wrong.”

But hey, at least you’re offering a free year of membership to anyone who can count the number of traders in a photo. I mean, that’s a real valuable prize, right? How about you give us a prize for counting the number of times you’ve made a terrible trading decision? Oh wait, we don’t have that many fingers and toes!

It was all in good fun!

To your continued success,