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Continued Volatility & China Stocks Getting Desstroyed

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Mar 14, 2022

Dear Traders,

Welcome to another day of market volatility. EU stocks gained overnight, but Chinese and Hong Kong stocks (such as BABA and JD) sold off heavily with a new wave of lockdowns in China. Also impacted were companies (like AAPL) which have significant Chinese exposure. Brian and I traded NIO short at the Open, and I traded AAPL for a quick reversal. You can watch our recap here.

The world’s hope for some sort of a successful resolution of the horror unfolding in Ukraine caused oil to come back down to around $100. Although still in its beta phase, please take the time to check out our newly built trading terminal for the latest news on peace talks and oil prices. I know you will find it to be a useful tool in your trading arsenal.

Earlier today, Elon Musk woke up high and made some funny tweets about both Netflix and challenging Putin to a “single combat” fight. I quite enjoy following Elon Musk these days.

In addition, please check out our Mastering Trading Psychology book that is now available for free on Amazon.

For Monday Onboarding, Carlos, Mike, and Kyle will be leading our regular 7pm ET onboarding session. They will walk you through the tools needed to start your trading career and introduce you to both our philosophy of education and our suggested path to success. All members, and in particular our new members, are most welcome – and very much encouraged – to join the class.

For Monday Technology, Kyle will be explaining the importance of journaling for traders as well as the tools that are available to you for journaling. Kyle will also share some useful tips that will help you to collect your trade data. All Elite members are invited to join Kyle at 8pm ET.

For Tuesday Strategy, Thor will be wrapping up his series of lessons on tape reading with a discussion about how best to isolate a bullish versus bearish tape. Thor will also provide some further thoughts on correctly analyzing the Level 2 ladder structure. This webinar, which begins at 8pm ET, will help you decide when it is the right time to get in a trade and when you need to vamoose and get out.

To your success,