DANGER & OPPORTUNITY: Navigating Volatility during a Bear Market with Dr. Kenneth Reid

Dear traders,

I hope you and your family are doing well in these uncertain times. Many of you might have experienced a bear market in the past (2009 or 2000 come to mind), but this is the first bear market of my trading career. These are certainly unprecedented days: a bear market, a pandemic, self-isolation and negative oil prices. Are you ready to see what the rest of 2020 has to offer?

This week’s Success webinar is with a distinguished guest, Dr. Kenneth Reid, who will be presenting on a very interesting and relevant topic:

Navigating Volatility During A Bear Market
Wednesday, 22 April, 8pm ET
Webinar Room (Lifetime members only)

As Dr. Reid writes in the description of his webinar: The Chinese word for CRISIS consists of two ideograms: Danger & Opportunity. This well-known metaphor is particularly apropos for those of us who choose to actively trade this Bear Market. But the contradiction is real. And if we are not careful it can put us into a double bind… a no-win situation that leads to random acts of trading and account blowups. Dr. Reid will be showing us some “tricks” to simplify our trading and at the same time make it more precise.

See you in the webinar tonight,