— David O

I’ve been a member of BBT for over a year now; joining May 1st of 2018, and have never felt the need to seek another chatroom or learning community. As advertised, this is a serious learning community where traders from all different walks of life come to share their trading journeys and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. It doesn’t matter your level of experience or track record of success (or under-performance), all questions are encouraged and every bit of knowledge gained is shared with the community so that we can all grow as traders each and every day.

In total, being a member of this community, I feel has been great value for money, and if taken seriously, will provide you with tools to become a profitable, consistent trader. Consistent being the key word. However, please heed this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a learning opportunity that takes times and hard work, but as a result, could unlock skills that you didn’t otherwise know were possible to learn or to even master. This is a great place to start or continue your journey as a trader.
Thanks Andrew & BBT Community.