Developing a Pre-trading DaY Mental Routine

Dear traders,

I’m not sure if you saw me trading Monday morning in the chat, but as you may know I will be in New Zealand this week, where the market opens at 3:30am. Last night I was jet lagged and did not sleep well. I woke up late, around 3:15am, jumped behind my PC and started trading literally without even washing my face. There was no routine, no watchlist, no mental preparation, nothing. You can easily guess what happened. I took four trades: three losses and a small winner. I decided to stop trading before my losses got even bigger. For me, the lesson was clear. Without proper preparation, you are doomed to be a losing trader.

Speaking of proper mental preparation, I invite all our Lifetime Members to attend this week’s Success Webinar scheduled for 8:00pm EST on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. The Webinar will be presented by our distinguished guest, Dr. Jonathan Katz. Dr. Katz, a performance coach and licensed psychologist, is also a founding partner of High Performance Associates, a specialized team of performance coaches whose mission is to enhance and maximize the performance of individuals and teams. The Webinar is titled Developing a Pre-trading Day Mental Routine.

Dr. Katz has been a performance coach for a wide range of clients including athletes and professionals from the financial and business world. He has worked as the in-house performance psychologist for a number of institutions, including several prominent New York and Connecticut-based hedge funds.

In the upcoming Success Webinar, Dr. Katz will discuss the similarities between high-level athletes and traders and how both must be committed to pre-performance routines. Without such consistent mental preparation and routine, both athletes and traders encounter major barriers to their daily performance, like what happened to me on Monday.

Please note that this Success Webinar is at 8pm EST in the Lifetime Webinar room. As always, the Webinar will be recorded and available for later review in our Education Center.

To your success,

P.S.: Did you see our newly updated Psychology Module? Check out the first lesson: Lesson 1: Get to Know Yourself & What Type of Trader You Are. Thank you Mike for putting it together! Stay tuned for our next modules!