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Extraordinary trading opportunities in our lifetime

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Apr 29, 2024

Dear Traders,

I have two pieces of good news and one piece of bad news for everyone.

First, the good news! I successfully climbed the highest peak in Oceania, Mount Wilhelm. It was a great journey into some of the wilderness areas in Papua New Guinea that humans rarely walk. I had two local guides plus a dog supporting me and I had the whole massif for myself. It is the 6th of 7 summits in my journey to conquer the Seven Summits!

My next adventure is Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America, the last one of the Seven Summits, and perhaps the most difficult one. Thanks to everyone who follows my journeys and sends me positive energy and thoughts. As I said in Vancouver, I hope my journeys inspire you to go after YOUR own journey of Seven Summits. My summits are mountains, but your summits can be a variety of personal, professional, and financial goals.

I am in Australia doing more climbing and would love to meet our traders in Sydney on Monday, April 29 at 8 pm.

I missed some trading days, but what a trading week it was! The biggest companies in the world were officially trading like penny stocks.

These market gaps up are absolutely insane!

Nvidia stock, $NVDA, is now up a massive 17% from its low just 5 trading days ago. The stock has jumped from a low of $756 to $880+, adding ~$320 BILLION in market cap.

This week alone, Nvidia has added a market cap equivalent to the entire value of Costco, $COST.

It has added nearly DOUBLE the total market cap of McDonald’s stock, $MCD.

We now have $2 trillion+ companies trading with more volatility than penny stocks.

What a historic opportunity for traders!

The bad news for American workers is that most will need to work longer. Retiring at 65 or even 67 isn’t realistic for most people’s finances—or the government for that matter, as they cannot afford paying pensions or Medicare. So, both the public and politicians need to give up on the idea that each successive generation is entitled to a longer retirement. Instead, the US needs to rethink not only the labor market but also the concept of work. In the new economy, many Americans will work well into their 70s.

As the IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook makes clear, in the long term, the US can expect slower growth and higher debt. The slower growth comes from a shrinking, aging workforce and declining productivity. The higher debt comes from more spending commitments — in large part to help care for the older population.

My other good news is that with access to the financial markets, retirement can now be hybrid, with trading as an extra source of income. I have always been a major advocate of trading as a side income provider, and many of the traders in our community are professionals, doctors, or businesspeople who want to retire early or become semi-retired by trading on the side.

This is what day trading is really all about, a side income source while you keep your day job.

There has never been a better time to become a trader and I hope everyone will start the journey NOW. You will have a long time to learn the market, and by the time you are ready, you will have mastered all the right skills. Even if you have little money at the moment, LEARN trading now, in a simulator, and when you have enough capital, then you do not need to start from Zero.

Our community has never been stronger or better than it is right now. I welcome and encourage everyone to join us and start their journey to trading success and a high performance life. You will be trading with me and many other high achievers in our community.

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To your success,