Fit Trading in Your Life, Not the Other Way Around

Our San Diego Meet Up. Oct. 2018.

This weekend, Peter, Brian and myself went to the Trade Ideas Summit in San Diego. We had a great time meeting our traders there. Thanks to all of those who joined us.

Brian, Andrew, Peter

We also had a really enjoyable time at the Summit itself. There were many great speakers, and I learned quite a few things from other professional traders. Dr. Brett Steenbarger gave a talk, and I had the opportunity to chat with him. During a panel discussion, he said something very important. Let me repeat that, very important:

“Fit trading in your life, not your life into trading.”

I am still reflecting on this sentence. I know trading is very important for many people, and they do everything they can to become a trader. Recently we heard from a trader whose trading endeavors were affecting his life. Another time, a trader emailed and asked how much time he should spend on learning. He was missing out on his family and his life, and his little girl was not getting enough “daddy time”.

Dr. Brett giving his talk: Boosting Your Cognitive Development: Best Practices

I work with thousands of traders, and answer hundreds of emails from them every day. I see that people are doing their best to become better traders, but I want to emphasize again what Dr. Brett said:

Fit trading in your life. If it does not, it is not worth it.

Not everyone can be trader, and not all of those who can, really need to or should pursue it. There is no shame in giving up trading if it does not fit your life. The real shame is in not pursuing your dreams. If you are passionate about trading and never try it, then you will live your life wondering what might have been. Life is too short not to embrace new challenges. To take on any challenge in life and fail is very honorable. If you have the courage to take a chance and day trade, that decision will serve you well later in life. The next career change or challenge you accept might be the one that works out for you, and what you learn about yourself in the process will be invaluable.