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Join Andrew Aziz, best-selling Author of the book “How to Day Trade for a Living” as he discusses some of the strategies and concepts that have turned him into a successful day trader.

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2020/03/09 20:00:00

                                                         What Will I Learn in this Workshop?

Finding Stocks in Play

 Learn how we find stocks to trade, every day, in any type of market environment.

Risk Management

See how it’s possible to be profitable even if trades work only 50% of the time.

Simple Daily Strategy

Learn one simple strategy that I use successfully almost every single morning.

Importance of Community

Discover why it is important to be a part of a community whether you trade full-time or part-time.

At the end of the webinar, we will provide you with a discount code that will give you a full week’s access to our chatroom and basic lessons for free as a thank you for attending!

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