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From Wall Street to Ice Walls: My Trading and Climbing Chronicles

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 9, 2024

Dear Traders,

Happy New Year! This is my first newsletter in 2024, and I wish everyone a great start to the year!

Currently, I’m in Punta Arenas, a small town in the southern part of Chile in Patagonia, getting ready for my departure to Antarctica. I’ll be flying out to Union Glacier Camp on January 10 and will be offline for about 2 weeks climbing Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica, standing at 16,000 ft.

Fun fact: here in the southern hemisphere, it’s summer, and since we’re so close to the Antarctic Circle, the sunset is at 11 PM. It’s pretty bright! Down in Antarctica, it never gets dark, and it’s always bright! This is the first mountaineering expedition where a headlamp is NOT part of the gear list!

So, two weeks of climbing in the sunshine ahead of me!

Today, I managed to trade at the Open. I have some issues with my laptop, but it’s not about the internet. It seems I need an upgrade, as it’s really worn down. As soon as I’m back to civilization, I’ll buy a new one.

Trading was amazing. NVDA broke another all-time high of $505 and traded above $515, thanks to Jarad in the chatroom. Many took that trade. I also traded AMD for a nice ORB with Megan at a very nice $141 call options and Apple for my favorite strategy, bullish engulfing crack!

Overall, I made over $15,000 trading live from Chile, just before my Antarctica expedition! I expect to trade on Tuesday morning as well, and from Wednesday, I will be offline! I heard we might have some internet in some parts of it, thanks to Elon Musk’s Starlink!

If you want to see how I traded, watch my recap here.

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Last week’s surprising incident was the blown-out door plug of Alaska Air’s Boeing Max 9 jet. The door was located as authorities pieced together evidence to learn what led to the plane’s sudden decompression on Friday. Shares of Boeing and its suppliers slumped, trading at 9% down.

The incident is another blow to CEO Dave Calhoun’s efforts to stabilize Boeing after half a decade of upheaval. But for Alaska Air, grounding its Max 9 jets may have little more impact on operations than a bad winter storm.

To your success,