Get To Know Your Fellow Bear Bull Traders Members: Interview with Aiman

1. Chat Name

  • Aiman

2. City/State/Country

  • I’m from Russia/Tula

3. How Long have you been trading?

  • I’ve been trading for exactly one year, 8 months of sim trading and a bit of over 4 months live trading!

4. When and why did you join Bear Bull Traders?

  • I joined Bearbulltraders a year ago, if I’m not mistaken it was 18th of May when I registered there. Actually, before joining bearbulltraders I was reading day trading books and watching day trading videos for over 4 months, I did read a lot of books and I watched a lot of videos for different traders which made me confused which chatroom I should join. Eventually I came across Andrews Aziz book “How to day trade for a living” I read it all, it was the best day trading book I read, so simple and straight to the point, I then searched for him in YouTube, watched his trades for over 6 months, and then  e-mailed him with some questions I had in mind. I was really surprised that he responded to my e-mail answering my questions and not asking me to join his chatroom to get the answers, he was so humble and helpful! I then decided to join the platform, one month later I didn’t hesitate getting the lifetime membership!

5. Recommended Trading Book/Readings/Videos?

  • For day trading I would really recommend Andrews book”Advanced techniques in day trading” and “trading in the zone” + the daily trading coach for psychology. Those two did really help me! I would also recommend “The market wizards” by Jack D. Schwager, it’s not actually a day trading book, it’s more of interviews with successful investor in the stock market, options etc.. Telling their story before becoming successful, it did help me realize that you can’t become successful in a matter of weeks or months and you might fail a few times before becoming successful!

6. Top 3 favorite trading setups

  • Breakouts
  • Reversals
  • ABCD patterns

7. Best advice you were ever given and can pass on?

  • Honestly the best advice I ever got, and I think a lot of members in our chatroom get it is”try to survive the learning curve” I got this advice from Carlos in my first month at BBT. Most of us choose day trading because in general we’re being told that by day trading we can get 2% of our account on daily basis if we’re consistent, and most of us do think of day trading that way, 2% daily, almost 480% yearly! Isn’t it amazing? What we don’t think about is that we can also lose 2% of our accounts on daily basis when we’re not consistent, I would say that as beginners we can lose more than the 2% we’re not supposed to exceed, some even blow their accounts in weeks if not days! That’s why I would just repeat and recommend everyone starts small, and by small I don’t mean start trading 50/100 shares! 50 shares can be a lot sometimes with low float stocks or high priced stocks which can make a sudden 1/3$ candle! Start trading small means try to risk as less capital per trade as possible, I’ll be honest with you all, I’m risking 10$ per trade, and I’ve been trading 4 months live and I’m consistent thankfully for everyone in this platform, I can increase my size now and but I’m not doing that for one reason, I’m following a plan I made for myself. When I see that I overcome most of the problems I’ve, then I’ll increase my share size. If you can be consistent with 10$ risk per trade, you’ll be consistent with 100$ risk per trade”if you can accept the loss. Just try to survive the learning curve without blowing your account and follow your plans!

8. Most Interesting Day Trading Story?

  • As a trader, my journey started in November 2017, I think most of us remember that by that time bitcoins started running higher and higher until it heat 20k in December! I was looking for a quick ticket to get the Lamborghini! Crypto groups on Facebook, discord, radio were telling that buying bitcoins is the way to go! So I just went in at its peak (20k) and bought some with 500$, I’m so lucky I put only 500$ there and not my whole capital! Right on January it started dropping till it hit 8k and I decided to add in 200$ because somewhere I read that we should add into trades at bottoms, eventually I realized I was actually averaging in and not adding.. it started dropping more till it hit 5k if I’m not mistaken. I was surprised! I thought those 500$ will become 1000$ in two months then I’ll add most of my capital! But that didn’t happen? Why didn’t I become rich? Everyone was”in my opinion then, when I didn’t even know the stock market existed”. I finally decided to learn how to do it correctly and started watching videos about it till I realized it wasn’t just a quick ticket for a Lamborghini.. I then realized that as any other thing we wish to succeed on, we need to put time, effort and money to study, practice and invest in.

9. Anything else you would like to share?

  • I would really tell anyone who is struggling and losing hope in day trading thinking that day trading isn’t for them to not feel that way! If you want to succeed in something, the most important thing you need to have is patience! People in the chatroom, and I’m mistaken of that too, tend to mostly post their winning trades, looking at everyone’s winning trades and huge moves might make you feel that you’re the only ones doing it bad, especially if it’s your first month or two after you thought you knew everything about it from the books and videos you watched! We all need time practicing, journaling, and reviewing our trades, and it’s really tough doing it alone, that’s why we’re all together in this chatroom, we are not here only to watch how Andrew is trading, of course it’s good to watch how Andrew is trading and to have him teach us, but we should also take the advantage of having other traders with us! We’ve a lot of great minds in the chatroom who are willing to help, answer our questions and guide us! Everyday I learn something new from the moderators and other members in the chatroom, just don’t be shy to ask, we’re all here to help each other!