Get To Know Your Fellow Bear Bull Traders Members: Interview with Baracuda

1. Chat Name

  • Baracuda

2. City/State/Country

  • From Montreal, Canada. Rather not say where from originally.

3. How Long have you been trading?

  • 3 months on sim.

4. When and why did you join Bear Bull Traders?

  • Can’t remember where I heard about Andrew’s book, but yeah, I’m here referred by the book.

5. Recommended Trading Book/Readings/Videos?

  •  Don’t have any really. Love Robert’s Rants and watch them almost daily, especially on losing days. Anything on BBT YouTube channel. All the recaps etc.

6. Top 3 favorite trading setups

  • ORB’s 5 min and 15 minute
  • Extreme Reversal
  • Trying to master these while working on eliminating bad habits.

7. Best advice you were ever given and can pass on?

  • Set your risk controls and discipline yourself to sticking to them. Worship your max daily loss… if you know what I mean.

8. Most Interesting Day Trading Story?

  • Don’t have one yet.

9. Anything else you would like to share?

  • We are capable of way more than we can conceive. Just the way you give room to your trades, you have to give yourself time to achieve greatness. And in day trading you need to give yourself a lot of room.