Get To Know Your Fellow Bear Bull Traders Members: Interview with Dima

1. Chat Name

  • Dima

2. City/State/Country

  • Lake Zurich, IL, USA. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, but moved to the US as a bab

3. How Long have you been trading?

  • A little more than 1.5 years.

4. When and why did you join Bear Bull Traders?

  •  I heard Andrew’s first interview on the Desire to Trade podcast right at the beginning of my trading career and bought his book on Amazon the next day. After getting through that in a day, signing up for BBT seemed like a no-brainer.

5. Recommended Trading Book/Readings/Videos?

  •  Andrew’s book, of course. Beyond that, while it’s a bit wordy and hard to get through, Trading in the Zone is great, as is the Daily Trading Coach. I especially like the audiobooks as some of these ideas really do require repeated readings to absorb fully.

6. Top 3 favorite trading setups

  • Opening range breakouts are my absolute favorite. Double bottoms or tops are a close second.

7. Best advice you were ever given and can pass on?

  • William H’s advice about staying in a trade that’s moving in my direction always plays in my head whenever nerves make me think of exiting a position early.

8. Most Interesting Day Trading Story?

  • In my first week of trading, I made hundreds of dollars trading $LFIN by getting in and out quickly for no good reason. That early win may have been the worst thing to happen to me as it made feel like trading was easy, and I think it was a valuable lesson as I soon gave back those gains and more.

9. Anything else you would like to share?

  • Track your trading; a journal is good but video recaps are the best and keep you accountable to yourself. My trading drastically improved when I started doing those for myself.