Get To Know Your Fellow Bear Bull Traders Members: Interview with Donya

1. Chat Name

  • Donya

2. City/State/Country

  • I currently live in Allentown, PA but will be moving to Lewisburg, PA this summer.  I was born in KY but am an Air Force brat and have lived in Panama, Alabama, Arkansas and Indiana.

3. How Long have you been trading?

  • I have been trading for about a year.  A lot of that time was spent in SIM but I am currently trading live very small size.

4. When and why did you join Bear Bull Traders?

  • I joined Bear Bull Traders after reading Andrew’s book and watching his you tube recaps for over 6 months.  I originally began trading on TOS and found myself missing some key ingredients like hot keys.  The option to join BBT for life and get a 3 month trial of DAS was too good to pass up!

5. Recommended Trading Books/Websites/Videos

  • How to Day Trade for a Living is the book that has actually changed my life in more ways than one.  I have been on a journey of improving both my health and starting my trading journey because of Andrew’s book.  I cannot ever thank him enough!  I also really enjoyed Trading in the Zone.

6. Top 3 favorite trading setups

  • Harmonious chart has been a great setup.  Looking for the entry with resistance/support and a small risk is one of my favorite setups.
  • VWAP cross with time and sales/level 2 support
  • Double bottom/top
    I really prefer entries with a small risk/great reward!

7. Best advice you were ever given and can pass on?

  • I have a sign above my trading station that says “What Will You Pay to See What Happens Next?”  It reminds me to look for the proper setup and make sure I have a complete plan when entering a trade while remembering you never know what the market will do next!

8. Anything else you would like to share?

  • I homeschool my kids while trading.  Learning to trade has allowed me the opportunity to learn how to hopefully create an income while still being able to stay home and teach my kids. I absolutely love the different trading styles and opportunities that the BBT community offers.  Joining has been one of the best decisions I ever made.