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Happy Canada Day and Banff Meetup!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Day Trading Success  |  
Jun 30, 2020

First, I would like to wish a Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian friends and family in our community. I came to this amazing country as an international student. The government of Canada offered me a generous scholarship, in the midst of a financial crisis, and supported me during my 5 years of PhD studies. It then accepted me as a permanent resident and now protects me as a citizen. I am forever grateful to my new home of Canada and its openness to not just trust a newcomer from a developing country, but to also provide me with a path to succeed and to flourish. O Canada!

An important piece of news to share with you is that our very own John Hiltz has now joined the leadership team as one of the team members supporting our community. John has been with us for some time, and not only he is successful in his own trading, but he has also shown he is willing to go above and beyond to help others. John retired as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army after 21 years of service. Five years of his career were spent as an instructor at the United States Military Academy where he developed a passion for educating others and that really says everything about his personality and his desire to serve his country and his fellow citizens. We are always keeping an eye out for humble traders who are looking for ways to make trading better, not only for themselves but also for other members of our community. Please join me in welcoming John to the team, and if you wish to be in touch with him, please email him at [email protected]

Another piece of news is that I will be going climbing in the Canadian Rockies for a few days. I will be trading most of the days from my mobile trading station. If you are near the Banff area, let’s do a meetup on July 1st (Canada Day). Sorry for the short notice! RSVP and follow here.

Last but not least, Aiman is presenting an important Success Webinar on Wednesday. If I dare say so, Aiman is an interesting figure. He is a medical student in Russia, and although he is passionate about his medical career, he is also spending a good number of hours working with the BBT community and myself to develop course materials and webinars. He is an expert in ABCD Patterns and Reversals and I learn something from him every time I talk to him. He is also supporting developing traders with his twice weekly trade reviews. I am humbled and honored to know him and work with him. Before the COVID-19 lock downs, I was planning to send an invitation for him to come to Canada so I could actually meet him in person, but that is unfortunately up in the air at the moment. For now, we will learn from Aiman about trading reversals on Wednesday at 5 pm ET in the lifetime webinar room. As always, the webinars are recorded and available to view later in our Education Center.

Please note that the US market is closed on Friday, July 3rd, in observance of the 4th of July, the US Independence Day. Happy Independence Day to my American friends and family! Sending love from your neighbors up north!

As we now see additional surges in COVID-19, please stay healthy and active. Now, more than ever, is the time to take care of our bodies!

Keep moving, physically and mentally.