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Happy Nowruz and Our Upcoming Events!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Mar 22, 2021

I would like to wish a Happy Nowruz to everyone who celebrates March 20, the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Several Middle Eastern and Asian countries celebrate the rejuvenation of nature and the first day of spring as their new calendar year (which kind of makes sense to me more than January 1st!). Spring for me is always a good reminder that the light is always coming, and sometimes the darkest hours of the night are just before dawn!

My apologies for missing a few trading days last week, again, but this time, to your surprise, it was not due to traveling or running! I am dealing with a widespread bacterial infection in my body that left me hospitalized for a few days. No COVID stuff, just good old damn bacteria! Please bear with me this week and hopefully in not too many more days you will have a working Andrew again. If by chance I don’t make it through, I wish Peter much success with AMD!

This past week, with Thor away for his in-law’s wedding, Dimah and Tiffany took over his time in chatroom and spent some incredible afternoons moderating. We would love to have them in the chatroom more often.

This week at Bear Bull Traders, we are offering several important presentations.

Monday Technology: As always, Mike, Carlos and Kyle will lead our onboarding and advanced tools sessions, starting at 8pm ET. All members, including trial and intro members, are welcome to join in and participate. We look forward to seeing all of our new and experienced members!

Tuesday Strategy is with Aiman this week, and he’ll be discussing entering, “partialling”, and exiting trades. Have you ever asked yourself: When should I enter into a trade? How much should I partial? When should I let my winner run and when should I exit all for a small profit? These questions – and more – are the types of questions we ask ourselves every single time we are in a trade. Properly managing a trade is one of the most difficult aspects of trading you will face. In this webinar, Aiman will share his rules for effectively managing an open position in order to make the most of the winners while also at the same time minimizing as much as possible the losers. Please note as Aiman lives in Russia, this webinar is at 5pm ET and not our normal 8pm ET time slot. Thank you so much for accommodating this time change so Aiman can get some rest.

Wednesday Psychology this week is a town hall with our very own amazing Dr. Jonathan F. Katz. During this town hall, Mike and Dr. Katz will invite two traders from the community to each share a significant psychological issue related to trading and why they believe their issue holds them back. Please join us as Dr. Katz assists the traders in identifying the root cause behind each of their respective issues and then suggests useful steps to begin addressing them.

Thursday Mentorship sessions will resume this week at 8pm ET with our equally amazing Thor. Thor had an awesome time with his wife attending a family wedding and shared this with us in his Twitter. Thor also shared with us his experience trading at an airport.

As always, all webinars are recorded and available for viewing later by Elite members in the Education Center.

Lastly, I’m excited to share two updates with you. Jarad is beginning his “Engineering the Markets” show at 8am ET every trading morning, and it will be broadcast live in our chatroom and on YouTube. You will not want to miss his methodological approach to market and sector analysis. Also, our very much appreciated performance coach Créde is expecting a baby soon, and if you are in touch with her on social media (links: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) or work with her directly, please send her a note and wish her the best. We are all looking forward to having Créde back again when she returns from her leave at some point around June or July.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week newsletter. As ever, I can be reached at [email protected]

To your success,

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