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Headed Back Home, Energy Prices are Skyrocketing!!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Oct 13, 2021

Dear Traders,

I hope everyone is on course for a great trading week. I am writing today’s newsletter on my flight from London to Vancouver. I am (almost!) back home from a 2-week vacation, a meeting related to work, and a race in Europe. During this time, I was able to visit southern Spain, Portugal, London, and Scotland. I met with traders in all of these countries, and I was amazed that over 35 traders attended our London meetup on such short notice. Trading has allowed me to travel the world, explore many cultures (including their food and customs) and, most importantly, make so many new friends in different countries.

These days, a notable takeaway from the markets is skyrocketing oil and energy prices. When I was in London, I saw in the news that emergency meetings were being held regarding their oil and gas prices. The energy crisis we are facing has multiple factors, including supply disruptions because of fires at natural gas plants in Russia and outages because of pandemic-delayed maintenance. At the same time, energy demand has increased over the past year thanks to a rapid economic recovery, an unusually warm summer in Asia, and an unusually cool winter in Europe. In the UK, petrol stations are running dry. In Europe, governments are introducing emergency measures, such as the capping of energy prices in Italy, as they worry about the surging cost of natural gas. Most analysts believe the energy crunch will not be resolved until after this coming winter. And if this winter is particularly cold, prices could soar higher still.

Again this week, Bear Bull Traders is holding several important webinars, and all of them are focused on the various elements of successful trading: Technology, Strategy, and Psychology. What binds these together is our mentorship program, which plays a significant role in the development of your own TradeBook, which is a key step in the path to becoming a consistently profitable trader. A complete list of webinars can be found here. Please note that our webinars are exclusively for Elite members, and they are recorded for future viewing in our Education Center. If you are not yet an Elite member, please accept our invitation to upgrade your membership. We will reverse your last payment to us and post it as a credit toward your account. You can sign up here. You will also receive the 40% discount we are currently offering on our Elite memberships.

I do apologize for missing a few trading sessions while on the road. I expect to be in the office for the next few weeks before my next big trip. Stay tuned!

To your success,

PS: BBT is hosting a meetup in Vancouver on December 3! Please RSVP here. This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to come and see our office. We will then head over to an incredible electronic dance music event organized by some of my friends in the local music scene. This is THE event if you wish to experience firsthand the real, underground music and culture of Vancouver. More information can be found here. If you are able to attend, do remember to separately purchase your tickets for the EDM event. I will be there all night after our meetup. It would be awesome to see over 100 members join us!