How to Trade 1-Minute ORBs / Upcoming Bear Bull Traders Webinars

The events of 2020 may very well change our lives for many decades to come, including in how we travel, how we socialize, how we work and, very critically, how we go about expanding our human civilization on this planet. The most important news of the past week was the death of United States Supreme Court Justice RBG that will undoubtedly affect the balance of power in the most powerful democracy in the world. And that will affect all of our lives. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was known as the leader of the liberal wing of the Supreme Court. Rumor has it that at some point between 2010 and 2014, when the Democrats controlled the Senate, she was asked to step down while battling her cancer for the 4th time, to give President Obama a 3rd appointment. She declined. With her passing just a few weeks before the election, President Trump now has the opportunity to nominate a 3rd conservative judge and solidify the conservative majority on the Supreme Court (to a 6-3 majority) should his nominee be confirmed by the Senate.

But why is this of so much importance to our lives? The answer lies in how the government of the United States is structured. The original writers of the American Constitution desired that power be distributed between 3 branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. As you see in the news, the executive and legislative branches often end up gridlocked. President Obama, for example, only had real power for the first 2 years of his presidency and, after losing control of the House of Representatives in 2010, much of his agenda was frustrated for the next 6 years of his time in office. Similarly, when President Trump lost the House in 2018, his domestic power was substantially reduced to executive orders which have limited scope and are often challenged in the courts. When the executive and legislative branches lock horns with each other, the real power then flows into the third branch of government: the judicial. In at least some respects, the Supreme Court of the United States now actually does more governing than the President or the Congress.

Whoever is appointed as the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice will have a major impact on all of our lives, regardless of whether or not we reside in the United States. Their impact may indeed last for as long as you and I shall live! The decisions made by the Supreme Court have a direct effect on our life, our planet, American elections, the financial markets, and so much more. Therefore, the world will nail-bitingly watch how events of the next few weeks and months unfold.

On the BBT community front, I wanted to use this email to review some of what we are offering our members in the days ahead.

Bear Bull Traders Calendar (all sessions are at 8pm ET):

Monday:          Onboarding Session (by Carlos/Mike)
Tuesday:         Psychology Session: Importance of Discipline (by Mike)
Wednesday:   TradeBook: 1-Min Opening Range Breakouts (by Andrew/RyanPDT)
Thursday:       Mentorship Session (by Thor)

On Monday, as always, Carlos and Mike will introduce who we are as a community and what new members can expect to receive as a result of joining our small yet serious group of traders. This session is well suited for those who are evaluating us to see if we are the right community that will help them to succeed in trading. It’s important for traders, whether novice or veteran, to be part of a trading community, and we recognize that selecting the right community can be a tough decision. Our Monday onboarding sessions are a useful way to help individuals decide on whether or not BBT is a good fit for them.

On Tuesday, our very own Mike will be speaking about the importance of discipline when trading. Come join us and learn from a disciplined trader and U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served 23 years in one of the most formidable military forces in the world. Mike’s military background, along with his willingness to share his thoughts and skills with our community, have been a very important source of inspiration for many of our members, including myself.

On Wednesday, I plan to introduce my TradeBook on my main trading strategy, 1-minute opening range breakouts. This is one of the most difficult strategies to trade, especially for beginners, because you have to deal with the most volatile time of the day for trading. Nevertheless, as you see in the chatroom every day, it can also be a very profitable time, and trading 1-minute ORBs can be a quick and effective way to end the trading day before it really even gets started.

In this webinar, I will be joined by RyanPDT, one of our longtime BBT members. Ryan lives in Vancouver and I have had the chance to meet with him on several occasions. He is the winner of the DAS #1 Best Trader competition, and he has also won the best trading setup competition that we ourselves ran earlier this year. You can have a look at his trading desk/trading room here. Ryan has been very nicely trading the 1-minute ORB strategy and he generously shares his trades daily in his Twitter and Instagram accounts. RyanPDT is on a path to making a name for himself in the trading community, and I wish him all the best as he continues to build upon his reputation and following. I’m sure we will all learn something new and valuable from him on Wednesday.

We plan to offer this presentation live on YouTube, so if you are not a member of our community, please feel welcome to watch it live here. You can also post your questions beforehand here.

On Thursday, Thor is hosting his newly launched group mentorship session. This is an initiative run completely by our amazing trader Thor and it is open to all lifetime members. I know these sessions will be an excellent opportunity to receive guidance and encouragement from a very gifted member of our trading community.

As always, all of the webinars and classes are recorded and will be available for later viewing by our lifetime members.

To your success,