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How to Trade Breakouts

Date & Time: Tuesday January 26, 2021 —   5:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Aiman Almansoori

Breakouts are one of the more common strategies that many day traders trade. There are several reasons for that, including:
1) Trading breakouts allow you to be done with your trading earlier in the day.
2) Most of the volume in the market comes at the Open, therefore, the biggest spikes in prices also occur at the Open. Nevertheless, breakout trades are not as simple as they may initially appear. For example, one cannot take a 1-minute ORBU (Opening Range Breakout Up) only because a candle is making a new 1-minute high. The same is true for 2-minute and 5-minute ORBs.

In this webinar, Aiman will explain how he trades breakouts and how, through the use of the 60-minute chart, he found an edge in trading them.