How To Trade Different Variations of ABCD Patterns

Dear Traders,

Last week, we hosted Rande Howell for our weekly Success Webinar. For decades Mr. Howell, a trading psychologist, has made significant contributions in the field of decision-making as applied to this unique profession. If you would like to learn more about him, please check out his website here. If you enjoyed Mr. Howell’s presentation, please send a thank you note to him. He was generous enough to provide his time to our community without expecting anything in return. The video of the webinar has been uploaded to our Media Center and can be found here.

For this week, we cordially invite all Lifetime Members to the next installment of BBT’s Success Webinar Series which will be presented by our very own trader, Aiman. Aiman is nearing completion of his studies to become a medical doctor and has been with the BBT community for quite some time; first as a student, then as a contributing member, and now part of management/operations. Anyone who has observed Aiman trading, or worked with him during trading review sessions, knows he is extremely gifted as a trader and teacher. Apparently these skills are in his blood, no pun intended!

In his webinar, entitled “How To Trade Different Variations of ABCD Patterns,” Aiman will provide a thorough explanation of his rules for trading ABCD patterns throughout the trading day, whether during the open with high relative volume, or during the afternoon with choppy/low relative volume. Aiman will also go through examples of trades he has taken and explain his reasons for taking those exact entries on specific types of stocks.
Aiman’s webinar is scheduled for Wednesday January 15th at 8pm EST in the Lifetime Webinar Room.

The lineup for our Success Webinar Series gets better every day. Soon we will release the full calendar on the BBT website, with topics that include:

  • Day trading options
  • Journaling
  • Trend trading all day (two workshops)
  • Improving individual performance by Dr. Jonathan F. Katz

Stay tuned! We at Bear Bull Traders are committed to providing the highest quality service to our members and are here to serve you. If you have any topics to suggest, please feel free to send feedback to Carlos at [email protected]. Carlos is leading BBT’s educational programs and its commitment to provide great content for its Success Webinar Series.

To your success,

Andrew and the rest of the BBT Team!